A-Train Pulling Out Of Town?

The short answer is…I dunno.

In my previous post I alluded to Marek Zidlicky, but refused to elaborate, well, here’s why;

The elaboration has to do with Volchy not being re-signed, but instead traded for another Dman and a pick.  I didn’t want to throw that out there as it was only a rumour that Anton’s name has been included in trade talks…from the Ottawa side of the table.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Murray will trade Volchenkov if he believes Anton will chase the money as a UFA.  Bryan has too often cited past examples of players leaving for nothing to allow this to happen on his watch.

Is Anton refusing to sign…again, I dunno.  We all know his agent, Grossman, is notorious for refusing to accept anything but a UFA premium up front, but many of us held out hope Volchy would accept the home town discount in return for the ability to not have to up root his family, all for a couple million bucks.  But, we are talking about a couple million bucks, and as much as I’d like Murray to be financially responsible, Anton must do the same.  Who am I to refuse him the right to playing the FA lotto, he’s earned it fair and square.

Should Anton refuse to sign prior to the deadline, and Murray believe he will not be able to match the offers Volchy will receive this summer, he will be gone.  Get used to it now folks, it remains a very real possibility.

I hope Volchy stays, but not at more than 3.5M/yr.  As much as I like him, a one dimensional Dman cannot be paid more…they just can’t.

If a trade goes down, look to see Murray try to replace him with a similar player willing to sign a more reasonable contract.

Here’s the Zidlicky deal I was forwarded;


To ANA for

Eminger, 2010 2nd


Lee, Shannon, 2010 2nd

To MIN for

A signed Marek Zidlicky, O. Nolan

I’m not endorsing the deal, or even saying it has so much as a whiff of legitimacy to it, but the source is solid.  Most importantly the source was adamant that Volchy’s name has been willingly discussed in trade talks.

This source is close to one of the teams involved in the above trade scenario.

As always, take it for what it’s worth…NOTHING, but what fun would it be to not have rumours to kick around!

One thing that’s for certain, Anton has a decision to make, sign in Ottawa, for damn good money, or get traded, and *hope* better money materializes, high enough to make uprooting his family, adjusting to a new city, and team worthwhile.

Honestly, I think he’d find himself regretting taking the UFA gamble…big time.  Yeah, Toronto spent like a drunken sailor last off season on players like Volchy, but to expect the same, from other less affluent teams is chasing rainbows, IMO.

Good luck Anton, I sure hope to see you hoisting the Cup in a Sens uniform in the near future, and not left toiling namelessly in a half empty rink in the middle of nowhere for the same offer (or less) you turned down in Ottawa.



6 Responses to “A-Train Pulling Out Of Town?”

  1. How’s about Ballard for Volchenkov?
    But i do not want to trade A-train 😦 he’s like the ultimate warrrior of this team

  2. I don’t think volchy’s value has ever been higher. Murray gave him plenty of time to chew on an offer, so from Murray’s position, if he remains unsigned by his internal deadline, he is gone. We have to remember, that what Murray does is in the best interest of the team short AND long term, not the best interest of the fans always. No way he wants to see Anton leave. But business is business, and and this is BIG business. We are talking $$$llions here.

  3. PS: As a fan, I don’t want to see Anton leave. But, if we can or (Murray can) make this team a better team for the next 3 or more years by trading him, I want him to do it. Reason being, I love watching the Sens win when I go to see the games, and it doesn’t matter who is on the team, since I will be rooting for them anyways.

    • Completely agree KJ.
      I’m a fan of the Senators, not any one player. Alfie might be the only exceotion, but I doubt I’ll ever have to test that theory.
      If Volchy, or any player leaves, I will remain a Sens afn regardless, even Alfie.
      I’d hate to lose Volchy, but if keeping him costs this team opportunities to improve, well, so be it, he has to go.

  4. It’s plan “B” Gents! Volchenkov is delt…more Russians in DC no doubt! It then becomes hammer time…break up our DEFENCE!

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