Ryan & Bryan.

A sign and trade?


I’m actually rather surprised at the signing of Shannon. He’s not exactly irreplaceable. He’s not “core”. He’s not even a guaranteed regular shifter.

I’m not sad to see him signed, he is a reliable player, has some upside, and seems commited to doing what it takes to remain in the NHL, but a “must sign”?  Nope.

Actually, considering this teams cap situation going into next season, and the need to sign Volchy, Foligno, and Regin…why would Murray commit to Shannon in February?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe to make him a “known” commodity. A signed Shannon, for a team interested in his services, is better than an unsigned Shannon.

I’m not saying it’s a sign of an impending trade, but it sure does seem a strange move considering this teams contract priorities.



3 Responses to “Ryan & Bryan.”

  1. he has well documented chemistry with Kovalev

  2. GN, ya took the thought right out of my head but hey there is nothing wrong with this move if someone wants him for CAP purposes he at least gets to play in the Bigs next year. I don’t mind if we keep him either as he is probably worth more than we would get for him…plus he’s Cory’s pup and he is a trier!

  3. I like it !

    Shannon is a good value and is very versatile to the Sens. I hope the Sens have him in their plans for next year. It may mean that they are bringing in more UFAs via trade as well and they want to make sure they still have some depth for next year

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