In A Perfect World…

The Sens will pick up where they left off.

With the Olympic break nearing an end, and the return of all but Ruutu from the Olympic games, the Sens are looking forward to re-starting the 09/10 NHL season.

I’ve purposely avoided posting on the Olympics because, frankly, when it comes to hockey, the two do not mix.  I do not believe in professionals playing in the Olympic games, and I do not like one and out tournaments, particularly when they get used as a medium for political propaganda.

But, having said that, a huge tip of the hat to all of Canada’s amateur athletes, and particularly our female athletes.  Thier success is a credit to both them, and honestly, us, as a nation.  Most notably is Clara Hughes.  Clara is the epitome of an Olympian, athlete, citizen, woman, and human being.  I find it astounding how much recognition goes towards Canada’s extremely well paid, and well covered hockey athletes while a person who has devoted her entire life to athletics, for virtually no monetary gain, is given a cursory glad handing routine every two years.  I’d like to see Clara where she belongs, front and centre in regards to national athletics in Canada.

But I digress.

The Sens are no doubt looking to make a deal and all indications are Lee will be involved.  Though no deals can be officially consummated until the end of the Olympic break trade freeze, deals can be made in principle, and that is exactly what is rumoured to be the case vis a vis Brian Lee.

No doubt Murray will need to land a legitimate Dman, or two, should Lee be traded, as the recent departure of Picard and injury to Campoli will leave this team almost entirely devoid of defensive depth should Lee be shipped out as well.

Don’t be surprised to see Lee in a Florida uniform soon…as in 12:01 a.m. March 1st, and one or both of Seidenberg and Leopold sporting crisp new Sens sweaters.

One source indicated Murray may well be targeting a few players off of FLA, who have made no bones about the fact they want to make sweeping changes to their roster.  Reportedly available are Horton, Vokoun, Leopold and Seidenberg.

Florida desperately needs to shed salary, and what many would consider a lopsided trade, from a skill perspective, would, if the money was right, be considered a win by Panthers ownership.

A prospect or 2 and a pick could land you a top six forward and a top 4 dman, if you have the salary space to accommodate the incoming salary.

Want to talk BLOCKBUSTER?

Leclaire, Kuba, Foligno, Shannon, Lee, 2010 1st


Vokoun, Horton, Leopold, Seidenberg.

This is not out of the picture…not saying it is even being discussed, but to think FLA wouldn’t entertain that deal would be to ignore the obvious…$$$.

Horton has an impending NTC (July 1st) Florida is loathe to swallow considering their roller-coaster on again, off again relationship with the big forward.  No doubt an RFA Foligno looks better than an impending 3 yr/14M NMC Horton.

Leclair represents a big decrease in salary commitment over Vokoun, but from a talent perspective, considering FLA has no Stanley Cup illusions, not a big drop off in skill.

Shannon is probably not on the Sens roster next season anyhow, and currently plays as the reserve forward, but would easily fill a legitimate NHL roster spot in FLA for the remainder of the season.

Lee…we all know his status vis a vis this roster.

Kuba?  Yeah, it would be a loss, but his salary could be better spent divided between Volchy and Cowen next season.  FLA would take him as he’s a known commodity in Florida, and would fill the role vacated by Seidenberg.

The first rounder makes up for the obvious skill deficiency on the ice.

Mich – Spezza – Horton

Kelly – Fisher – Alfredsson

Cullen – Regin – Kovalev

Ruutu – Winchester – Neil


Z. Smith

Phillips – Volchenkov

Leopold – Karlsson

Seidenberg – Carkner






That line-up is an instant Cup contender, and from a “chemistry” point of view, it cost you Shannon and Kuba, neither of these are leadership guys.

Oh, and for a great look at the defensmen on the radar for Ottawa, check out SilverSevens blog.



9 Responses to “In A Perfect World…”

  1. GN:

    Love your “Block Busters!”…But…too many guys just makes Bryan and me Dizzy.

    Note to the wise, Foligno, when he got hurt was our best forward and had been for about ten games.

    It looks like Shannon, so it’s #26 & #55 for the 240 lb butt of Kabina…”size” even Stanley Cup type Refs like size…and so do we!

    I agree on the Canadian Olympic Hockey Program…used to give young Canadian hockey players and coaches about 40 jobs in Canada…little pay/big job, good stepping stone in life!

  2. Does BM like to give away the 1st overall ?? probably not. The other thing .. I think he quite likes Kuba.. we’ll see ..

  3. I think a blockbuster deal happening is a bit of a stretch, but a couple of players and picks for Seidenberg and Leopold might go. Still a stretch to think two D will come from one team but stranger things can happen. Leclaire is a Sen until his contract is up – his fragility and performance won’t fly (despite only a year left).

    More likely is a late pick for Ward and a 3rd or 4th or Lee for Seidenberg.

    Kuba Seidenberg
    Phillips Volchenkov
    Karlsson Carkner/Ward

    Foster might be a better second pickup for his offensive abilities instead of Ward, but noone can argue with the shutdown ability of that type of back end come playoff time. I’m not really sold on Foster – just being a local boy doesn’t cut it, but for depth and back end scoring – maybe.

    I’m not worried about loading up on extra D for next year – Cowen will probably be in Bingo next year, so hanging on to one of the rentals or getting one with an extra year already is not a bad thing.

    Foligno is a pretty sound defensive forward so moving him should only be for something good.

    Cullen needs to play a good stretch run since this is his next (probably final) multi year contract audition. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him flipped with a pick for an upgrade if it’s available. We are deep in forwards. This talk of another top 6 has got to be a smoke screen for the real discussions for D.

    Horton has 3 years left at 4M. He’s their Michalek. Booth Weiss and Horton are a big part of their core so I don’t see any of them involved unless one of our core are moved as well so the likelihood is close to nil.

    It makes for interesting discussion. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday next week will certainly be fun. Little work getting done here.

  4. Think Kuba will waive his NTC? Not a chance…

  5. Lee + Kelly + Donovan + 2nd for Horton + Leo.

    book it!

  6. BM has only traded one 1st rounder since the 1998 Kozlov for essentially Lecavalier…That was recently but he must have known he could get the two players he wanted in the second round anyways

  7. Rebel Rebel Says:

    I would love this “BlockBuster” & have proposed almost the same about a month ago for Vokun, Seidenberg & Horton. Even if Ottawa has to add O’Brien & Zubov’s rights to the deal I would still do it because it gives this team a chance to win the cup now. All those who think we shouldn’t give away draft picks or prospects because we will need them in the future aren’t considering other factors. Alfie, Phillips, Kovalev & others are getting older, there opportunity to win a cup is now. Chicago, LA, Washington, Pitt & others are young & very good now, does anyone think our prospects plus our picks will be able to beat their teams in future? The time to go for it is now & this “Blockbuster” trade is exactly what this team needs to strengthen the weak areas of the team, goal, defence & a top 6 sniper.

    Horton on Spezza’s RW is exactly what he needs, a sniper & a guy who has the size & strength to get to the net. I like Elliott but Vokun is better no question & Leclaire is just to fragile to pin any future hopes on. Seidenberg is a very good two way defenceman, he is certainly an upgrade on Picard, Lee & Campoli. Leopold is gravy IMO. Great deal, maybe that is what Murray is doing on his Olympic holiday in Florida, helping them pack their bags for Ottawa.

  8. Rebel Rebel — your suggestion to trade picks & prospects to win NOW — is what John Muckler did and that is why The Sens are where they are now with the lack of prospects. They are coming thanks to some good drafting by Murray but a couple of years away.

    Could have had the likes of Brooks Laich – Tim Gleason still in Ottawa.

    Murray would also I don’t think have done the Hossa for Heatley trade. Would Hossa still be in Ottawa?? maybe not.. but we would not have gone through that Heatley mess.

    Make your team better yes… but not at the expense of your future. Do what you can to get an experienced defenseman.. without giving up too much. Take away from the team is not good either.

    • Rebel Rebel Says:

      Sandy, while I respect your opinion, I don’t agree with it & I’m not suggesting that we get rid of every pick & every prospect. Why do people always jump to these extreme conclusions everytime someone mentions trading a prospect or pick we hear that’s what Muckler did. Well it’s not, he traded a couple of prospects & picks just like every GM in the NHL does over the course of their tenure, he didn’t trade all of them. Muckler’s problem was that he drafted too many Russians/Europeans that never came to NA or never made the NHL & therefore were wasted picks. Murray did that with Bashirov & wasted a 2nd rd pick.

      Brooks Laich & Tim Gleason, are you serious? These are role players that we will likely see traded several times over their careers. Eaves was the same, a marginal player at best, nothing wrong with trading these guys to improve your team IMO. Gleason has already been traded twice & could be traded again on or before March 3. As for the Heatley trade, I would trade Hossa for Heatley even today in a heart beat because I unlike most think that Heatley is & has been the better player of the two since the trade & is still today the better of the two. What happened happened, nobody saw that coming including Heatley. IMO he ended up with a coach he couldn’t stand & wanted out. It happens, but doesn’t take away from the fact that trading Hossa who wanted way too much money for Heatley who everybody loved when he was scoring fifty goals in back to back seasons was a great deal at the time & IMO was a good deal for Ottawa & especially Spezza who benefitted offensively.

      Most GMS if they are in a position to go for it at this time of year will trade picks &/or prospects to improve their team, that’s their job description. Their objective is to win the Stanley Cup & if it takes a pick &/or prospect to do it they should go for it, that’s my opinion which differs from yours to stand pat & do nothing. To make trades that’s what other GMS want picks & prospects so you either do it or not. I prefer to do it & give my team the best chance to win the Stanley Cup & this trade, if Florida would be crazy enough to do it would do just that for the Sens, give them the best chance of winning the Stranley Cup without losing very much. And these players are all very good, Vokun is a top NHL goalie, Seidenberg is a very good two way defenceman but especially Horton who is still very young & has a very cap friendly contract & certainly worth at least a first. IMO you have to take some risks & this one is worth it. I’m not sure you realize all of the untangibles that benifit a team that has won the Stanley Cup. That’s what these players play for, are you suggesting we should tell the players that we are not going to improve the team to give it the best chance of winning the Stanley Cup because we don’t want to trade any picks or prospects? Do you think the players give a crap about that? How many players will want to come to Ottawa knowing the organization is not willing to make trades to impove the team or go for the Stanley Cup when they have a chance because they don’t want to trade a prospect or pick or two?

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