Grist For The Rumour Mill.

Yesterday I pointed out that Ottawa’s goaltending situation is raising some eyebrows both within Ottawa and around the league.

So I respectfully suggest it might be possible to see a Leclaire/Vokoun swap at the deadline.

Florida is in a dealing mood, and desperately want to shed salary…again.

The economic & cap implications are serious, with Vokoun representing a real dollar increase over Pascal of .626M this season, and 1.5M next.  In terms of cap, Vokoun represents an increased commitment of 1.9M over Leclaire, both this season and next.

Ottawa has the ability to absorb this cap hit, with the recent demotion of Cheechoo.  The question is, is Vokoun worth that much more than Leclaire?  And that’s a tough one, to say the least.  I truly believe Pascal has the potential to be a fantastic, if not epic #1.  But at this stage of his career, that’s still all he represents, potential.  The injury bug hovers over this guy like bottle flies at a slaughterhouse.

If I could make it a package deal for a legit top 4 Dman, I would seriously consider the deal.

Say (pipe dream);

Donnovan, Lee, Leclaire, SJ 2nd for Vokoun, Ballard.

Cap wise, this can be done, just.  From an impact standpoint, well, suddenly OTT is a legit Cup threat.

Mich – Spez – Alfie

Cullen – Fisher – Kovy

Ruutu – Kelly – Neil

Winchester – Regin – Shannon

Z. Smith

Philips – Volchy

Kuba – Karlsson

Carkner – Ballard





That’s some solid skill and awesome depth.

Unfortunately, this is just far too epic, and exists only in the realm of fantasy GM’ing, but it’s fun to dream.



13 Responses to “Grist For The Rumour Mill.”

  1. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:


    It’s too early to give up on Leclaire. It’s only been three quarters of a season. Yes he’s been injured a lot, but he was overused a lot in the early going. Spezza had an injury history early on, but has done better in recent seasons.

    He needs to get more starts though, in a back-up role. I don’t blame Elliot for struggling the last few games. 14 straight for a goalie with under 100 career NHL starts is too much. Leclaire should be getting 1 out of 4. He needs to get some games in before play-off time.

  2. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    Or maybe 2-1 ratio. Elliot starts back to back, and then Leclaire gets one. It’s a precarious situation right now. Elliot is our number 1, but needs rest. Pascal should be our number 1, based on salary, and needs starts to gain form. So with 19 games left, the 2-1 ratio would give Elliot 12 starts, and Leclaire 7. It’s really a compromise…Elliot gets more starts because he deserves it, Leclaire gets the starts that he needs.

  3. Replace Dono with Kelly and you may have a deal.

  4. I’m reluctant to trade Leclaire. Even the best goalies are streaky and I think both our guys have potential to get on a role. When that happens, cups are won. I also really feel that our goaltenders have been only as good as our defence. I’d prefer more of a play for a big D than a goaltender. I guess the recent streak has made me believe that a decent positional goalie is all you need if you are getting good play in front of him. We’ve got two guys (or maybe three) that can fill that role and sometimes offer more. So use all the chips we have for a D IMO.

  5. Friendly Neighbourhood MOP Says:

    Where’d Foligno go?

    Honestly they’re going to need experience from the back end if they don’t have proven goaltending, to move past the 1st round. Phillips and Volchenkov have a few years of playoff runs plus the SCF but the rest of the D corps is playoff green. How much stock to you put in Kuba’s SCF experience with TB? One more vet rental with proven playoff experience would be key if the goalie situation is status quo. Getting 2 rounds of playoffs would be great for the greenhorns, Eliott and LeClaire especially.

    I’m sure one more move will be made, perhaps one of the named D being thrown about.

  6. How about this boys…were done! Maybe a 6-7 D-man for a second rounder. I don’t like it either but Eugene and Bryan have been tooling up for next year all along…example the force feeding of “Karl”. Pic was expendable since day one. Our big young DEFENCEMEN are down in the valley just below the hill.

    Enjoy two rounds and get all new flags for next year!!

  7. I would do that trade — never really been sold on Leclaire.

    One fantasy trade I thought of was going after Penner and Smid in Edmonton (of course this was before the Cullen trade, which has made this scenario impossible). I’ve always really liked Smid — he reminds me a lot of a mini-Volchenkov; he would be a playoff warrior. And I’ve always liked the idea of Penner playing with Spezza — I think Penner would be a dominant force on our PP.

    I’m not sure what it would have taken to get both players. Perhaps an offer of Regin, Lee, and SJ’s 2nd round pick. That would be a steep price to pay as I think both Lee and (especially) Regin will be excellent players in the future. But I really think added scoring in Penner and defensive depth in Smid would make us Stanley Cup contenders.

    But pure fantasy on my part. Thanks for indulging me:)

  8. Interesting idea – but I can’t see it happening.

    I’m not sold on Leclaire (fragile doesn’t even begin to describe him) but the kid needs to be given a chance to get into a groove. Vokoun’s no saviour – he’s been great in the regular season, but he’s never won a playoff series. I don’t seem him as that much of an upgrade over Elliott/Leclaire and he costs alot more and is alot older.

    I just can’t see the Bryan doing anything other than adding a depth defenseman at this point and quite frankly I think that’s all he should do. Deadline acquisitions almost never work out – remember when we traded Tugger for Barass-hole? If I remember correctly, it was Ronny Tugnutt who turned out to be the better goalie that post-season.

  9. GN:

    Forget the peripherals, let’s get down to business…every blog between now and March 3rd should be about getting that much needed D-man…who’s available and @ what price…the shifting sands…Mac spilled the beans every GM reads us, all the blogs, so give Tim and Bryan an ear full!

    Solicit your best commentators for reinforcement!! Let us be heard!

  10. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:


    SJ’s Second for Dennis Seidenberg

    Dallas’s Sixth for Tolleffson


  11. @ Gel:

    Every team needs a big German…Seidenberg with Carkner…”Blitzkrieg!”

    #17 & #39 have trouble finding each other out there.

    The Sens should have a standing offer in every sellers office…subject to finalizing the deal!

    Some good constructive thinking there!

  12. Cheechoo for Preissing .. both underachievers ..

  13. I’ve heard Seidenberg is a primary target as well …

    Kubina would be a good add if the price was right and fit the cap. Him and Kuba might have some chemistry. I’d rather swap one for the other though.

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