Semin-al Moment?

In the clash of the Eastern Titans, honestly, nobody knew what to expect.

What we got was one hell of a game.

Both of these teams came into this match with a lot to prove.  Ottawa needed to show they deserved the recent accolades they’ve earned, and WSH needed to show that one loss in 15, in OT no less, was not about to slow their progress towards the Presidents Trophy.

I’d say both teams proved their points, but only Ottawa got to keep them too.

Playing the Capitals is a lot like fighting an enemy on the run.  They allow you to chase them, harry them, and in the excitement of the moment, lose focus until, before you know it, they have you surrounded, not the other way around.  Much like the US Airborne during the march through Belgium.  Before they knew it, they’d pushed so far ahead, they found themselves alone, and surrounded, creating the Battle Of The Bulge.

WSH is so passive defensively that you can’t help but press them in the offensive zone, then, by the time you realize your 4 men deep…too deep, they break out and catch you flat footed.  They almost force you to play run and gun, like the Devils force you to play shut down.  And more often than not they can out gun their opposition.  Thanks to the stellar play of Volchy and Phillips, and the strong offense by the forwards, Ottawa beat WSH at their own game.

Will tonight’s game prove to be a seminal moment in the season?  Will Ottawa come to believe themselves to be among the top teams in the east and carry their strong play into the post season?

Will Washington begin to question their balls out style of play and begin to stumble over self doubt?

Unfortunately, with the Olympic break only a few days away, we’ll have to wait and see.

BTW, Mission accomplished boys, and then some.  Amazing really, considering.



3 Responses to “Semin-al Moment?”

  1. Both teams need two (2) DEFENCEMEN but would settle for one.

    Carks needs a stud to move to the 3-4 pair and let “Karl” carry #17 as the 5-6 pair…it’s all Kuba can handle in the play offs vs the Big Guns!

  2. I agree with Canucnik. We need a fourth D-man to fit in with Carkner. He doesn’t have to be spectacular, just a solid D-man. Leave the offensive stuff to Kuba and Karlsson.

  3. I agree with Canucnik and Carver55 – without Karlsen on the second D-unit Semin exposed Kuba and whoever with ease – against teams with two scoring lines we need an upgrade with this defensive pairing or it will be too easy for other points to put Ottawa behind the 8-ball – we need a bonafide #3-4 D-man ASAP!!

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