A Big Day In Sens-Land

Wow, miss a little, you miss a lot!

I’m just going to tackle these moves one at a time, and provide my analysis of each.

  1. Murray Extended As GM – I whole heartedly agree with this move, for a few reasons.  Firstly, nobody has a pulse on this team, its assets and deficiencies, like Murray.  Two, at one year, the Sens do not risk having to pay for a dismissed GM should the deal prove to have been the wrong move.  This isn’t to say Murray has been perfect, but who is?  He’s done a solid job (so far) with drafting (Karlsson, Weircioch, Z. Smith, Petersson, Grant, Cowen, Silverberg, Lehner, Wideman) and has been decent on the trade front (Campoli, Kuba, Michalek, Cullen for Heatley and Meszaros) under difficult circumstances.
  2. Volchenkov Offer Made – This is good, depending upon the deal that was offered.  I’m a huge Volchenkov fan, but I do not believe a team can offer elite money for defensive defensemen.  Look no further than the Komisarek deal to see how over paying a dman can hinder a teams ability to produce sufficient offense.  Like it or not, offense pays, and if you pay for defense, you can’t buy offense.  My worry is around the advice of Volchy’s agent.  Grossman is known to be a “UFA or bust” negotiator, and believes his clients should either test the market, or sign for the UFA premium if they don’t.  Considering the lack of talent in this summers off season UFA market, Volchy could command an over-weighted deal.  It’s up to Volchy, and that was what Murray was saying when he indicated he wished to speak to Volchy directly.
  3. Sens Trade For Cullen – This is not a “blockbuster” deal, for an elite talent.  This is a depth trade, for a very solid depth player, the type of player that wins you play-off games by outperforming his counter-parts, not those above them on the depth chart.  To make it clear to Sens fans, Cullen is a Gary Roberts type player, not an Alfie type player.  The fact his acquisition (and the elimination of Picards 1-way deal) cost the Sens a 2nd makes this a good deal…not a great deal, but very solid.
  4. Sens Waive Cheechoo – Can’t say the writing wasn’t on the wall for this one, and I for one have been calling for this move for weeks now.  I respect the hell out of Cheechoo, and would be the first in line to support him in regaining his NHL form, but business is business, and if you want to cash big cheques, you can’t blame the one writing them for expecting you to earn it too.

The obvious question remains “What’s next?”

I’m hoping it’s a legit #3-4 dman, but failing that, let’s hope one of the two recent call-ups (Lee, D. Smith) can surprise and prove to be steady NHL’ers.



6 Responses to “A Big Day In Sens-Land”

  1. CarlWeathers Says:

    I hope Murray isn’t angling for retirement after next year – but hes probably covering that base as much as Melnyk is protecting against paying for a GM after firing. Murray has been exactly what we needed to maintain and restock as a quality team after our Cup run.

    As far as Cheechoo’s situation – I think he understands, but is no doubt upset. He has been playing his hardest, but has not been worth a third of his contract value since hernia surgeries. I am also confident that the Sens will understand and not be affected negatively from this.

    I think a D-man is coming. Tough to say who we should part with to get one though. Hamhuis would be nice coming in though (rumours), or Kubina?

  2. GN:

    Matt Cullin is going directly to Jason’s wing for the duration…this guy will out think Spezza and Jason is pretty smart…they will succeed!

    If we just want the East it’s Sutton, if we want the Cup it’s Kubina!!

  3. A re-signed Murray is a great thing! Re-stocking the cupboards, while creating a solid, hard-working team was no small task and in my opinion, he’s done a masterful job so far. While I’m glad that an offer was made to Volchenkov, I really had no doubt that Murray would try to retain him rather than trading him. Hopefully that all works out…

    I’m quite happy with the addition of Cullen (and the subtraction of Picard). Cullen will bring everything that Cheechoo had, but adds more speed, solid power play presence, sound penalty killing, and much more finish. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s game to see the re-jigged team in action.

    Some interesting names came up in the rumour mill today for d-man. Hamhuis (as you’ve mentioned), Zidlicky, Robidas, Sutton, and Ballard have all been mentioned as possibilities. Can’t wait to see the results before the next trade deadline (March 3) 🙂
    Whitney would have been great as well, however the cost would have been too high.

  4. The Whitney comment was supposed to follow the Cullen trade comment (in case you’re wondering why the comment doesn’t seem to fit at the end) oops.

  5. Ahem…Lee and Smith did not impress against Detroit – giving up over 40 shots is not a recipe for success – granted Detroit is much improved and out-worked Ottawa tonite – let’s hope that they can get one over the Islanders on a back to back and then they will have Karlsen and later Campoli after the Olympics – would be nice to pick up a legit #3-4 D


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