Flames Re-Light The Sens

Many pundits oft say “good teams never lose 2 in a row”.  We’ll then put the Sens in the “good team” category, at least of late.

With a win over the struggling Calgary Flames, the Sens have stepped out of the shadow cast over the team after an embarrassing 5-0 loss to the lowly (pathetic) Toronto Maple Leafs.  And let’s be honest, a loss to CGY would have raised many eyebrows in the doubting Thomas community that hovers over the Sens franchise like a bad smell at a taco stand.  If fickle Sens fans are good at anything it’s panic.

But the performance over the Flames exhibited anything but.  After going down by one goal, twice, the Sens continued to play their aggressive forecheck game and found a way to deposit 3 goals behind the stingy Miikka Kiprusoff.  Fortunately the Flames also continued their in ability to generate sufficient offense to compliment their solid defensive game.

Honestly,m I thought the Sens carried the play for most of the match and apart from a missed cross crease pass by Volchy and a perfect blast by Hagman, the Sens deserved the two points.  Also, if Cheechoo wasn’t the most cursed hockey player on the planet, the scoreboard would have mora accurately displayed the true tenor of the game, IMO.

I guess the most impressive aspect of this win is that it brings the Senators to a healthy 26 pts since my challenge of MISSION: 0.614.  To think that this challenge, a daunting one considering the clubs previous win%  being well below 0.614, and the catastrophic injury situation through this stretch of games, is going to be either met (1 pt away) or almost met, highlights an incredible run by this resilient Senators roster.

Good for you boys, I hoped you had it in you, if all had gone well, but to think you’ve done it, through the turmoil of the past month, is OUTSTANDING!

Thanks for making being a Sens fan fun again!



3 Responses to “Flames Re-Light The Sens”

  1. Christian Haines Says:

    I like what i see!

    SENS FANS see my blog too please!


    GO SENS GO!!!

  2. I believe in this team – even when cursing them last Saturday night. We’ll let the karma of all that happened in Toronto be the reason for their complete lack of effort – Spezza excepted. What is glaring is the two spots on defense currently owned by Picard and Campolli. We need a solid replacement for one of these two. When Karlsson returns these guys can be the seventh defense men (combined). Neither one seems to have the ability to read an opponents play. Getting the puck out of there own end is a chore – even when there are no opposing players on their side of the blue line. Thank heavens for Elliott. I think both players have an up side, but they need some serious improvement in their thought process.

    • Carver,
      Agreed, but of the 2 Camoli has, in my opinion, shown the most improvement. In fact I’d even say he’s beginning to look like a legit NHL dman.

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