It’s Just A Game.

For all of the times I’ve said I hated so and so, within the context of hockey, never have I meant it.

The death of Brendan Burke, a kid I admired for his strength of character, made me take pause when thinking about the terms I so flippantly throw around in this game.  These are not characters on TV, they are real people.

My deepest sympathies to the Burke family in the face of this horrible tragedy.

May time soothe all wounds, even those as deep as the loss of a child.  I cannot even begin to fathom your grief.



5 Responses to “It’s Just A Game.”

  1. Indeed, I was just thinking the same thing when I read the news.

    For all the venom we spew about him as a GM of our bitter rival, its all in the context of the game.

    All of that is stripped away when you think of him in the context of a father who has had one of his children taken long before his time.

    Godspeed to the Burkes.

  2. My condolences to Brian Burke and his family.

    A terrible thought! Had a work Jeep, Black, equiped for the bush, big tires extra weight etc…worst, most unstable vehicle I have ever driven, got caught in the Montreal traffic and bareley made it home. For someone to sell or give to an eighteen year old driver from down there this vehicle, this Black Jeep, to take into a snow storm, should be looked at…it’s criminal!

  3. GN this unfortunate news is not related to hockey. My condolences to the family for this tragic event.

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