RUMOUR: Sens Ready To Part With #1 Pick?

WARNING: If you hate rumours, do not read.  If you read, do not complain about how you hate rumours!

There’s talk out there that it may be about to happen.  I pass this rumour along for two reasons;

  1. Because it’s fun, it is entertainment after all.
  2. Because it has the ring of truth, albeit not fact, NOT FACT!

It is a poorly kept secret that CHI has been scouting Sens games of late, and it is a well known fact that CHI has impending cap issues.

Murray, according to recent claims (both by him and the media), is trying to land a top 6 winger.  Now, as discussed in my previous post, there are 2 ways to achieve this goal; trade for a longer term contracted player you want, at a significant cost; Or trade for a rent-a-player, for a lesser cost.

If in fact the rumour of CHI and OTT talking trade has some merit to it, one would have to think the Hawks would want to move a term salary off of the books, and in order to do so, would expect fairly high compensation in return.

Hence, the substance of the rumour rings true.  The rumour being that, with Bolland back on the active roster, CHI is looking to land a roster player and 1st round pick in return for a legit top 6 winger.

The pick part is obvious, the player part, not so much.  One would have to assume this player would provide some depth for a team hoping to make a Cup run.  It’s also reasonable to assume the Hawks would want this player to be un-signed beyond the 09/10 season.

So who on the Sens roster fits this bill?

Ryan Shannon, Peter Regin, Nick Foligno, Jesse Winchester or Shean Donovan.

Of those on that list, only Donovan and Shannon are UFA’s, the remainder are RFA’s and thus represent manageable impending contracts for the performances they provide.

One would have to think the players on that list most desired by CHI would be Regin or Foligno, the ones most available would be Shannon or Donovan.

Would Murray move a 1st and Regin or Foligno for one of Versteeg, Bolland or Sharp?

Would Bowman move Versteeg, Bolland or Sharp for a 1st and one of Shannon or Donovan?

Would you?

Ahhhh, ’tis the season, like it or not!



9 Responses to “RUMOUR: Sens Ready To Part With #1 Pick?”

  1. I can see Chicago wanting Volchenkov as the roster player. I really like Volchenkov, but I can also understand that his upcoming salary might not fit into Ottawa’s plans – possibly. Would Volchenkov help Chicago in the playoffs – yes. Is he an unrestricted free agent – yes, but can probably be signed to a fairly reasonable contract if it is long enough. Throw in a Brian Lee, or a Picard or Campolli and maybe you’ve got a deal for Sharp.

    • Honestly, for A-train, I’d want both Versteeg and Barker. Say, Shannon & Volchy for Versteeg & Barker.
      But that’s just my opinion, as I believe Volchy is one of those synergy type players that you don’t really know how much impact they have until they’re gone.

  2. The Hawks will be lucky to get a first for Versteeg, let alone a young potential top line player.

    I could see the deal stated happening for sharp though.

    • I hear ya, but this is the rumoured “asking price”. Same for the rental of R. Whitney, plus he wants a contract extension in order to waive his NTC!

  3. Sharp and Barker would be nice but that’s 6 or 7M coming in. You have to send that out for it to work or like some people are saying bury Cheechoos salary by shipping him to Bingo plus ship salaries like Kelly and A-train. 😦

    Barker at 3M and 13 or 14 minutes a game in CHI is a bloody waste so I can see him moved. Please dear sweet Jesus don’t let any dealings with CHI have the name Campbell mentioned.

    Honestly though I hope he doesn’t make a trade for the sake of, and if he does make a splash make a decent #2 or 3 D.

    • By ship Kelly and A train I mean trade to CHI in taht deal. Excuse the run on sentence …

      I just can’t see how it would work. For one player Versteeg say, you could move a couple of cheap D (Picard or Campoli and Lee) back and waive Cheechoo down if CHI would do it as a salary dump. Interesting how a salary dump means allowing yourself to get fleeced.

  4. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I don’t like any of those deals.

    Tollefsson is on waivers. He’s a solid physical depth defenseman, and costs nothing to pick up. He would only take up like 200,000 in cap space.

    On HNIC Hotstove, it was mentioned that Seidenberg may soon be available. Only 500,000 cap hit and would probably only cost a 2nd round pick (maybe throw in Picard). We have two anyway.

    That would really shore up our defense, which is still our weakest area.


    All we really need right now are depth moves. Mediocre teams do not win 11 straight. We don’t need a big trade.

    • GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

      Torres would also be a good pick-up.

      Finally demoting Cheechoo would free up the necessary space.



      Those 3 moves would give them excellent depth. Enough for a play-off run, The 11 game win streak showed us this team is for real. It just needs some minor depth tweaking.

  5. I would say depth tweaking is what we’ll see.

    How about Kelly and Lee(or Picard) for Lombardi and Z Michalek? Both are UFAs, would add good depth to forward and blue line. Lombardi would be a rental because he’d likely to ask for 3M+ (40 points in 56 games). MMs bro, if he works out as a solid D (+ve rating) while contributing some O could be re-signed for under 2M. Cap savings might help in extending A-train.

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