RUMOUR – “Ilya IS Moving”

Man, as soon as you pass along a rumour, it burns you…what’ya gonna do?

Spoke to the source of the rumour, and he’s stunned.  Claims they were told by those within the org. that the offers for Ilya were too low to consider a trade, so they would sign instead.

Guess not!

Talk about a steal for Lou…good for him, bad for the East.



2 Responses to “RUMOUR – “Ilya IS Moving””

  1. My money is on him heading over the play in the KHL for the rest of his career. He supposedly had $101 million on the table in Atlanta, and still didn’t sign anything. That tells me he was full of it when he said he really enjoyed playing there. You don’t really enjoy yourself, in a wonderful climate, and make outrageous amounts of money, and then, all of the sudden, not want to do it anymore. People just don’t work that way.

    Now he’s going to the Devils, where they’re really hoping to get Marty another cup ring. If they win it all this year, which they very well could, then I can MAYBE see Kovy resigning. If not, he’ll skip across the ocean and spend the rest of his days as a filty rich Russian hockey god in the KHL… which would suit me just fine.

    As far as I’m concerned, anybody who chases money like some of these guys do is better off freezing their jockstraps off in a good ol’ Moscow winter. What ever happened to team loyalty? I guess maybe we, as Sens fans, are just spoiled by guys like Alfie, Fisher, Spez, Phillips and Neiler… guys who could easily make WAY more money somewhere else, but have stuck with the team.

    Enjoy your homeland, Ilya. You were fun to watch.

    • Rob,
      That was a brilliant comment, I whole heartedly agree.
      FWIW, the story on my source around Ilya had this to say (paraphrasing here);
      Ilya kept coming up with higher demands from ATL, so ATL announced they would trade him, hoping Ilya would change his demands. Ilya’s camp did restart the negotiations, but heard the offers for his services were less than good, so went back to the hogh demands (still not league max, long term).
      Waddell, in a last ditch effort, matched the money that was once being asked for, but the Ilya camp said no…for whatever reason. Some say he never wanted to sign in ATL, some say he was pissed for his name being dragged throught the mud by Waddell in the media.
      In the end, the “good” trade never materialized, and Ilya made it clear he was not going to sign for a deal the Thrash could cut, so Waddell, for lack of a better term, bent over and went to his happy place while Lou whispered sweet nothings in his ear.
      Man, the Heatley deal just keeps looking better and better, when compared to other players of his status being traded.
      (BTW, I do not claim any of the above to be factual, just what was passed along to me).

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