Just Too Good.

This team isn’t just hot, they’re RED hot!

In a back to back scenario the Sens still managed to out work the rested ‘Nucks and schooled them in every regard.  The scoreboard flattered Vancouver, as did the refs, who allowed the sagging Canucks numerous passes but felt it necessary to rediscover their whistles with 3 minutes remaining in the game.  All for naught in the end as the Sens potted the empty netter to salt away their 11th win in a row.

Another win due to stellar team play, but in this one Elliott looked particularly sharp keeping the Canucks frustrated for most of the night and protecting his defense from having to chase down loose pucks and rebounds.

I would have never predicted such a dominating run by this years Senators, but I’ll gladly take it.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t go to their heads and confidence turns into cockiness.  The fact is, over this outstanding run, the Sens are beginning to allow to many shots against and eventually their luck will run out and some of the fortunate bounces will begin to go the other way.

Let’s also hope the shoulder injury to Karl is no big deal as he has gone from project to asset and an already shallow blueline would be the worse for his absence.

Keep it rolling boys!



4 Responses to “Just Too Good.”

  1. agreed on the sketchy reffing – REALLY wanted to see elliott post the shutout, he deserved it..

  2. A win is a win. I’m sure Elliot was hoping for a shutout, but let’s face it… nobody picked up Wellwood at the side of the net, and it was pretty much impossible to stop that shot from there.

    Although, I’ve gotta give Ells credit – he came damn close. He totally got the pad across, but Wellwood put it top shelf, which you just can’t stop when you’re coming across like that.

    Now, I think we should all get on our knees and pray to the Hockey Gods that Toronto is NOT the team to snap this streak. We all know Leaf fans. If they beat the Sens on Saturday night, I’ll have to hear all about how they’re the better team next week at work. Please, Sens – don’t put me through that!!!

  3. Woozle man Says:

    Big shame about Karlsson, let’s hope it’s nothing big. Shoulders can be tricky though. Screw you, Ryan Kesler.

  4. You’re right about that shot clock being an issue for the Sens as the game wears on. Sure, you play more defensive when you protect a lead, but it’s much easier to defend when you’re in your opponent’s zone. No need to make risky plays, just a solid forecheck and try for an extra insurance goal. Elliott has been shelled quite a bit in the third frame.

    Otherwise, I’ll stop being a Debbie Downer. The Sens are on a roll and I’m loving every minute of it, let’s make it a dozen in T.O.!!!

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