Deal Or No Deal?

With the Sens humming along on an 11 game win streak, all is good in the world, but those of us who live in the real world, we know the fall is coming.

I’m not saying this winning streak has been a fluke, anything but, however the losses will happen, the bounces will go the wrong way, and individuals will begin to struggle, or their struggles will become more noticeable.

Coming into the season we Sens fans desperately wanted to avoid another play-off miss, to the point that, for myself at least, making the play off was the goal, anything beyond that was pure gravy.  But now that the post season seems almost a sure thing, visions of Lord Stanleys Cup begin dancing in our collective heads.

I for one am doing my best to keep these thoughts, as sweet as they may be, in context.  This roster is not, was not, and should not, be considered legitimate Cup contenders, glorious winning streaks notwithstanding.

Which brings us to the point of this posting.  The trade deadline.

With the recent move of big name players like Phaneuf and Kovalchuk we all begin to picture how they would have looked skating in a Sens uni.  Unfortunately, rarely do we consider the broader context of acquiring these type of players.

The fact is it would require a mix of current roster players, prospects and picks.  These assets are the very assets this team will be relying upon in the future years to be legitimate Cup contenders.  Should Murray really mortgage them now, with this roster, on a Cup run?

Are you willing to lose Volchenkov to UFA in order to gain Phaneuf?  Would you be willing to part with Regin, Kuba, Petersson and a 1st rounder for Kovalchuk?  Would either of those two players instantly make the Sens into legit Cup contender?

I’d say not, and at the end of the day, I believe they’d leave the team worse off in the near future.

So, if the Sens are going to make the post season (which, for the sake of argument I’ll say they will), what, if anything, should Murray do to improve this teams post season prospects?

Should Murray make a big move, trade away players, pick prospects for top half talent, or look to make a tweak here or there by moving a spare part or later round pick?

I’m in favour of the later, not the former, unless it’s a move in line with the teams long term strategic plan.

Thoughts, proposals?

Here’s mine;

Lee to MIN for Brunette

Picard, SJ 2nd to NSH for D. Hamhuis


11 Responses to “Deal Or No Deal?”

  1. GelatinousMutantcoconut Says:

    If Minnesota and Nashville are willing to accept those deals…get ‘er done!

    I doubt Nashville let’s Hamhuis go for that though…maybe if you add Campoli? But if you trade all three of Picard, Campoli and Lee, who’s left if there’s an injury? Phillips-Karlsson, Hamhuis-Volchenkov, Kuba-Carkner looks good though!

    as does


  2. Their is no deals for us! The way we are drafting, keep your picks…all of “em!

    #41 is the “Albatross”, a diving-petrel, he will be the (our) story of this season!

    Stop trying to trade Picard, he is going to come in rusty and play stellar for you…our training camp bubble guys, #45, Lee, #14 would bring a small return anyways!

    • Nik, Nik, Nik…this man cush you have on #45 is wearing thin. Come-on man, he’s be through more hot and cold cycles than the Mojave desert.
      The fact is this team needs another top 4 dman, and neither Lee nor Picard will be here next season anyhow, so apart from some depth, what’s the risk in dealing them?
      Cheech may be moved, I have to believe this remains the only reason he continues to play a regular shift, Murray believes he’s tradeable, even if only for a throw in prospect or pick (included with, not for), ie Cheech & Greening for a 5th, or say Cheech for J.M. Liles.

  3. GN:

    Picard is all you got between Brian Lee and an early exit!

    Rumour has it, #41 was offered and the breaker in the Atlanta/#17 sweepstakes…Waddel was insulted! Other GM’s are also, are you and Bryan Murray that far off that you keep holding out hope that something can be done?

    $3,000,000.00 again for next year is not chopped liver!

    • Yes and no Nik. If you’re a non max team Cheech’s salary is 2M, not 3M, if you buy him out. It’s only salary max teams that really hate buy-outs as they represent not performing assets, which, for all intents and purposes Cheech is now, but at 3M, not 2M.
      So, if Murray could find a team willing to eat his 2M buy out salary, in return for an asset (player, pick or prospect) then he could be moved. The other option is to take back another “bad deal” like Liles, who at >4M is over-paid. COL would actually save >6M by taking Cheech, and the Sens would get an asset in Liles they could at least use, albeit at too high a salary.
      Although, in all likelyhood he will be on the Sens tab for the next 2 years at 1M per as a buy-out penalty.

  4. Dutch Treat Says:

    Murray cannot trade. Murray can draft. Therefore Murray should not trade.


    Seriously though, every time Murray makes a trade it rarely pans out for the Senators. Campoli, Cory Stillman, Commodore, Lapointe, Leclaire (at least it’s looking like Glasscal is living up to his reputation of injury-prone-ness), and having to take Cheechoo in the Heatley deal.

    Murray can’t trade.

  5. That’s a little unfair about ‘Murray can’t trade’.
    LeClaire is still not a bum trade, and he got Lehner out of it for Vermette. I think Lehner was in the CHL ALL-STar game, but could be wrong. But, he was a draft pick out of the trade. He knew what he was getting in CHeechoo. He had no illusions there, and Michalek is not a bust.

    PIcard and Kuba for Mezsaros is an Ottawa win on that deal.

    Eaves didn’t turn out for either team in the Carlonina trade, and I am glad that Red head Mike is not defending for us. Too bad we couldn’t have re-signed Stillman though.


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