RUMOUR: “Ilya NOT Moving…” (UPDATE)

WARNING:  DO NOT READ IF YOU HATE RUMOURS.  If you do choose to read, please do not then complain about having to read about rumours, lol!


Just communicated with the source of this rumour, and they’re sticking by it, despite the recent PR from Waddell.  Also, interestingly, he said Kubina is possibly on the move, and OTT has expressed interest in aquiring the blueliners services for the remainder of this season (he’s an impending UFA).  As with any rumour, treat as BS until proven otherwise.

FWIW, I’ve just been told, by someone who is within the ATL sphere, that Iya Kovalchuk is not going to be traded, but rather is about to re-sign in ATL to a longer term deal at below league maximum.

It was told to me that, in the absence of “reasonable” negotiations, on the part of the Ilya camp, Waddell publicly announced the start of the Kovy auction.  Kovy, in the end, doesn’t want to leave ATL, and his reps have returned to the table with a more open mind.

I was told to expect an announcement prior to the Thrashers Friday night tilt vs. the Caps.

The fact is ATL want Kovy, Kovy wants ATL.  Now the two have to accept each others needs, and meet somewhere near the middle.

BTW, I was also told Ilya was not expecting the league max, over a long term deal.

Just thought I’d pass this along, as the Ilya sweepstakes seem to be all consuming right now.



3 Responses to “RUMOUR: “Ilya NOT Moving…” (UPDATE)”

  1. Hmmm. Interesting. 10 year 85 M (“Malkin like” dollars I’d expect).

    Or is it a sign and trade situation? Like a flip to LA for Frolov and a couple of defensemen/picks?

    Weird I couldn’t see trading a franchise guy like that unless you can’t afford him or want to commit career suicide. Maybe a deal came up like “sign him for reasonable dollars without an NTC and we’ll trade you this raft of players”.

    Tell me Frolov, Johnson, Teubert/Hickey and a 1st or 2nd rnd pick wouldn’t get it done.

    It might wind up as you say, with all this talk being smoke and mirrors for a “ho hum he signed in ATL” …

    Not that it matters much if its in the West but a trade to Boston like was mentioned on TSN last night would be less than desirable for The Adams err Northeast division. Not that Boston would cough up a raft unless he’s signed to a deal and it fits their cap.

    LA wants to make a splash and dig in for a good playoff run. The franchise has been down so long I can see Lombardi trying to get him without sacrificing too much off the current roster. He already dropped trou on Johnsons hockey upbringing so I suspect he’s being shopped.

    Anyway, if he’s moved I suspect it’s sign and trade, else sign and stay. Waddell can’t afford to let him go for a rental price.

    We’ll see …

  2. I have no idea why Ilya would want to stay in Atlanta. That team has gone nowhere since they’ve been handed the franchise, they play in front of an empty arena and there’s no reason to think they’ll compete for Lord Stanley anytime soon.

  3. To be honest, none of it makes sense to me. Can a team really pay this sort of money to one guy? (the sort of $$$ being thrown around in the media).
    The fact is, the Thrash aren’t, on paper, a terrible team. But in reality, they’re below average, so what does this say about Kovy? I’d be very leary of signing any payer to a life long contract, of that enormity. Even Crosby, a better all around player (IMO) makes less. Would you trade Crosby for Kovy? I wouldn’t.
    If a team does sign him to the type of dollars the media say he wants, they better already have a deep propect pool, because Kovy is good enough to make you an average team (thus not get top 5 picks), but would command enough cap space to keep you from having the money to surround him with proven talent.
    He may well end up in the KHL, and if he does…good riddance I say.

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