A Spezial Night!

How good has Jason been?  REAL good.

Jasons’ 2 goal performance, to set a new team record for consecutive game scoring, was simply icing on the cake for a night that saw so many special moments.

  • Extending the Sens dominance over division rival Buffalo to 8 straight wins
  • Extending the franchise record to 10 straight wins
  • Matching the franchise wins streak for a Senator goalie
  • Matching the franchise road winning streak record

But, at the end of the day, what remains the real story is the fact that the Senators are having spectacular results without spectacular individual performances.  There have been some very good individual performances, like Spezza’s last night, but these wins haven’t come as a result of individuals dominating the opposition a la Crosby, OV or Brodeur.  These wins continue to come as a result of spectacular team play.  The offense has been solid, the defense has been solid, the goaltending has been solid.

It used to be the Sens would win in spectacular fashion, with the Pizza line leaving the opposition rocking in a fetal position, but that was then and this is now.  This team wins by playing a solid game, for 60 minutes.

This streak has been great fun, and no doubt us “lifers” will recall it with warm thoughts, but when it comes to an end, and it will, the hope is the simplisity with which it was accomplished will make getting back into the win column an easy re-focus.

This team deserves a huge tip of the hat, from GM down to A.T.

Update on MISSION: 0.614

22/27 pts.   0.6875 P%

The Sens need to secure 5 points, in the next 6 games, to fulfill their mission.

Here’s hoping.



4 Responses to “A Spezial Night!”

  1. "D" Fence Says:

    Well said.

    It’s so great that they were able to get through all of the injuries and now everything is just clicking.

    Let’s see that streak extend to 11!

  2. Jack Jejourneau Says:

    I think the fact we are praising Spezza for a 10 goal season is a sign of lowered expectations. 7 million a year for 30-40 points? Seems like an overpayment, even with his ‘commitment to defense’ (he still makes too many high-risk moves) notwithstanding.

    Still, he is helping the team win.
    Go Sens.

  3. I don’t think anyone is praising Spezza for having, currently, a 10 goal season. I think we are praising him for the success he is having now. And I suspect we would like to continue that praise as the season continues.

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