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Some busy days ahead for my family, so instead of a post I’ll direct everyone to this excellent article by Bob McKenzie..

For the most part I entirely agree with him, but I’ll add one more angle; Simmonds fighting Stuart was also a signal to every opposing player that, clean or not, a big hit on our stars will come at a cost.

I for one am a firm believer in the M.A.D. principle (mutually assured destruction). If you take a liberty on one of our stars, we’ll crush one of yours. I think a star playing nervous, and ticked off at their team-mate, for making them a target, goes a long way, a lot longer than having to jostle around on the ice for a few seconds of clearing the air.
As they say, “if they put one of yours in the hospital, put one of theirs in the morgue.”
I would have preferred to see Simmonds (cleanly) run a star, or even draw an instigator by going after an opposing star…make sure the opposition knows you’re a little crazy!


4 Responses to “Worth The Read”

  1. The trouble is we don’t know what a clean hit anymore.

    Clean hits NOW are 99% of the time, either late, blind side or the second guy in when your guy is in a puck battle with someone else (like Alfie).

    Oral threats don’t get it done…bodies on the ice gets everyones attention…it even goes to your own bench!

  2. I tend to agree as well, though I don’t like to see guys take liberties on star players when they are vulnerable, clean or not. It’s a complicated issue, but if any Steve Moore can come along and smoke a scoring leader and big-time money maker without rules and enforcement to prevent it (or at least make it happen a lot less), there will always be retribution.

    Better rules could preserve hitting while eliminating the inevitable gooning that comes after a crushing, yet truly clean hit. Bottom line, right or wrong, if the league doesn’t protect stars, their teammates will. I also would prefer a goal or another clean hit on an opposing star as pay-back, but that’s not how it works on the ice. There’s going to be a pile up, a scrum, a fight or two, and when the dust settles, chances are there will be more injured players.

    Better, clearer rules against hits like head shots, blind sides, late hits etc. will help (with some judgement re. diving, turning, or putting your head down if you know its coming). And so will instigators and game misconducts when fights are so obviously retaliations on hits that aren’t dirty. The problem is this requires CHANGE, and the officials would have to grow a set, so I won’t hold my breath on any of it…

    If it does work, I think video replays may be required. I don’t think fines or suspensions after the fact will do a lot to prevent this. It has to be settled on the ice quickly. If a team knows it has been dealt with fairly, they will be less likely to get instigators etc. for more gratuitous violence.

  3. Friendly Neighbourhood MOP Says:

    Nothing wrong with an intent to injure penalty which carries an automatic 10 game suspension, 2nd offense 25 games, third balance of season. After that you’re done. Nobody can tell me what Cormier did wasn’t intent to injure. The situations may not be overly cut and dry so a disciplinary review committee is definitely needed.

    I would also suggest adjustments be made to factor in the victims recovery time. Maybe on the 2nd offense and beyond the offending player can return only after the victim has recovered and played 1 game.
    And argument could be made for this on the 1st offense too.

    This has to to start at least the junior league level and carry on for the rest of your career. At 18 you’re supposedly an adult so no freebies.

    Sounds harsh, but playing a game for a living is somewhat a gift and not an entitlement. Maybe even a 3 strikes you’re out from jr, elite league, AHL, NHL on up.

    And I’m all for clean hits on ‘star’ players, they are free game like anyone else and should have to work to earn that ‘star’ status. That includes taking all the lumps and bumps – that comes with being a ‘star’. It’s an elitist pompous frat boy code anyway what defines a ‘star’?

    Good clean hits all the way. I love Cammaleri’s take on Volchenkov – you know he’s gonna hit you clean – not the type to lead with elbows or come at you from behind. He’s gonna make sure you know he’s coming.

  4. Good points MOP! I also would like to see suspensions on dirty hits to match the length of the injury caused. Would that ever make a guy think twice before taking the head!

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