Best TEAM Ever?

Now, there’s no doubt this franchise has had more impressive skill at forward.  There’s no doubt they’ve had better defensemen.  No doubt they’ve had better goaltending.  But have they ever had a better team?

I doubt it, and a record setting 9 game win streak goes a long way to prove it.

Unfortunately, due to family concerns, I’ve been unable to find the time to blog through this outstanding stretch of hockey, but the wins, and the great efforts have provided me with some much needed “therapy” through a tough time.

This team, from goaltender on out, is on fire and if they can manage to continue this level of effort and cohesiveness the sky is the limit, but that remains a very tall order.

So much for the early season remarks about this team only being able to take points from “weaker” teams.  Chicago, Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and NJ have all suffered losses at the hands of the Senators, and it shows that, given the right effort and system, this team can compete against any opposition, if not win.

Too bad to see Nik go down to injury as he and his linemates were developing some great chemistry, but there’s a kid recently returned to the minors chomping at the bit to re-start his NHL career, and a host of fans looking forward to watching him do so.



6 Responses to “Best TEAM Ever?”

  1. This is the first Senators team that I have seen play – playoff style hockey- during the regular season. They are playing like a complete team. No ego crap, everybody is playing to win. Most are playing consistent focused hockey. No one is taking a night off. But, we still need one top four ‘D’ to go deep in the playoffs. IMO. Family always comes first. Best wishes.

  2. Don’t know about the best team. How about making this judgement in the playoffs. Definitely the coaching is top notch for the first time since BM. The forward depth is also v. good. The defence is exceeding expectations for the talent level there.

  3. RE: Z.Smith – J.Winch is healthy and will be inserted next game.

  4. Yes, the playoffs are the real test. Martin had the team playing a great system in the regular season for a few years. They often looked unbeatable until they ran into rough teams playing a post season warrior system of psychological intimidation with “shadow” players physically imposing their will on Sens top scorers. Lets hope the gritty edge that Murray has been developing will get them through that kind of team.

    Hope all is well Gerald.

  5. Thanks for the thoughts guys, the worst is past…
    What’s nice, and proof positive that this team is proving to be worth considering the best ever, is the fact that looking for success in the post season is the new criteria whereas at the start of the season making the post season would be considered a successful campaign!
    Will this new W% be continued? Hells no, but it is showing how, if you make the post season, anything can happen.

  6. True dat!

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