Sens Reject The Devils.

I’ll be honest, I tuned into last nights match with more than a little trepidation.

In the last 3 meetings the Devils have made short work of the Senators, and after having gotten some great results of late, the Sens being humbled was a distinct possibility.

Apparently I had no reason to worry, and for that Clouston deserves a tremendous amount of credit.

This team performed near flawlessly last night.  Apart from going 0-2 on the PP, I cannot think of anything the Sens could have done to reasonably improve upon that performance (oh, maybe reign in the bench minors).  The defense was flawless, from Elliott out to Spezza, and at times the blueline was patrolled by 2 forwards covering for both pinching defensemen.  Clouston has this team ticking like a well tuned watch and the results are obvious when you out Devil the Devils. 

NJ is a team famous for squeezing from their roster the absolute most it has to offer by a combination of good goaltending, consistent coaching, and rock solid systems play.  Is Clouston doing the same for the Senators?  I dare say he is.  We’ve seen this team win comeback victories, by staying within the system.  We’ve seen this team win tight games, by staying within the system.  We’ve seen this team stifle the competition, by staying within the system.

System, system, system.


Win, win, win.

It’s not the players, it’s not the coach, it’s both of them, all staying within the system.



4 Responses to “Sens Reject The Devils.”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Surely 7 in a row has us well on course for mission .614?

  2. GN:
    You are right, you are always right!

    Only criticism of CiCi and his “finely” tuned system…our changing on the fly has now become a coaching issue, worst in the league!! Not just the penalties…it’s the confusion! Cheechoo must be addressed…twice with #12 and #71 in the offencive zone and attacking, he throws to a Devil in the neutral corner to some very loud groans from the crowd…his reaction time now matches his foot speed…Fish having a tough night himself couldn’t even look at or talk to him!

    Did I say Eastern Powerhouse, second place finish if Eric “the Messiah” plays at all, I can’t remember I think I did!

  3. Friendly Neighbourhood MOP Says:

    The potential for Powerhouse is there, but a little hasty to get on that kick now, don’t you think? Delusions of Grandeur run amok when things go well. I’m not sold. It’s a house of cards.

    The way they played against the Devils is the way I have been longing to see them play since Oct 4. But its a ‘hella pace’ to play. Can Alfie and Kovalev continue that tempo till the end? The Olympic break will be good for the non-Olympians and Kovalev if he doesn’t suit up – he’s on the Russian taxi-squad right?

    Still a #1 D, natural scorer/PP specialist (and solid netminding) away from ‘Powerhouse’ calibre.

  4. GN where have you been !!

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