The Heatley Deal – The Results, So Far.

In response to a request from a reader, here’s an in depth look at the impact of the Heatley trade, thus far;


GP – 53

G – 30

A – 26

PTS – 56

ATOI – 1062:14 – 20:03

5-5 ATOI – 839:15 – 15:50

SH TOI – 48:45 – 0:55

PP TOI – 174:14 – 3:17

Hits – 44

BkS – 19

GvA – 39

TkA – 26

OTOI/Pt. – 18:06


GP – 46

G – 17

A – 6

PTS – 23

ATOI – 860:48 – 18:42

5-5  TOI – 642:07 – 13:57

SH TOI – 100:09 – 2:10

PP TOI – 118:32 – 2:34

Hits – 55

BkS – 21

GvA – 11

TkA – 25

OTOI/Pt. – 33:07


GP – 53

G – 5

A – 8

PTS – 13

ATOI –  645:42 – 12:10

5-5  TOI – 579:40 – 10:56

SH TOI – 1:28 – 0:01

PP TOI – 64:34 – 1:13

Hits – 69

BkS – 16

GvA – 18

TkA – 15

OTOI/Pt. – 49:33

So the numbers show that the Sens and the Sharks acquired different assets.  The Sharks landed a one dimensional elite scorer, who sees a great deal of ice-time, scores abundantly, but provides little or no physicality to the game.

The Sens acquired 2 players, one could be considered a “complete” player, who represents a slightly above average scorer, a reliable defender and special teams contributor, and a physical force.  The second a role player who provides a touch of offense, and some physicality

Who “won”.  Only the post season will tell.  If Heatley faces the physical challenge of the play-offs, and continues to provide consistent scoring, then the Sharks got their man.  If the Sens can use the cap space savings to design a more well rounded team and find in Michalek a reliable top 6 forward, they will be better for it in the long run.

The major difference is the Sens have time to “work” the trade, and simply making the post season, after having missed it with Heatley in the line-up, will leave the fans feeling at least content, if not happy.  But for the Sharks, anything but a Cup finals appearance, or maybe even the hoisting of the Cup, will be viewed as another example of the team coming up short, and thus the trade failing to achieve it’s intended goal.

Considering the Sens are doing better without Heatley, and the Sharks are doing worse without Michalek and Cheechoo, the short term answer has the Sens out in the lead.



12 Responses to “The Heatley Deal – The Results, So Far.”

  1. GN to be honest .. in the short term it is a fleece job. If SJ bombs in the playoffs, then SJ would probably consider the experiment a failed one. Long term, the absence of Heatley broke the big line. If Ottawa makes the playoffs and say wins one round, then to lose the trade would be a mute point.

    Spezza had issues with his back early in the season. That left the door wide open to give a chance for Regin for a example and offer other players more ice time. That for sure made them motivated to contribute. You need to develop players and sometimes it is trial by fire.
    I think the team should use the extra cap space to acquire a top tier defenceman. Personally I’d rather they wait for J. Cowen.

  2. I think the Sens record this year is more important than the direct comparison of points. Having a couple new, hard working, good natured team players in the dressing room instead of the selfish, swollen headed, one note wonder we let go with all his childish demands may be the real difference. And there’s also the 2nd round pick. With the cap space and the pick, along with the prospect development this year, I think it’s still a pretty good deal, especially for the longer term. Considering Murray was in a brutal bargaining position, he did pretty well.

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I don’t know, I don’t think Murray did a very good job. The Sharks traded Ehrhoff and Lukowich for two long-shot prospects and cap space. So couldn’t the deal have looked like:

    Dany Heatley
    Alex Picard
    Josh Hennessy


    1st Round Pick

    And then all Murray had to do was exactly what Mike Gillis did: Demote Lukowich (And Cheechoo) to the AHL.

    I like Bryan Murrays drafting so far, but I think we need to bring in some new voices as assistants, some forward thinkers like Mike Gillis, who has done an excellent job with the Canucks.

  4. CanuckAbroad Says:

    I think the point difference is not indicative of the actual impact the move has made on the team.

    In reality yes, Heatley has more points then the two players received by Ottawa, but if you take a look at the actual results, Ottawa has the better deal.

    Bringing onboard Michalek and Cheechoo has spread out the offense, opening up spaces for younger players and taking off pressure from others like Fisher who now seems to have opened up his scoring with a more balances attack team.

    Ottawa can now roll out 4 lines that attack on the forecheck and are responsible in their own end. They don’t need to rely entirely on the first line which cuts their game time down to normal amounts, thus allowing them to play harder longer in the season.

    It allows Ottawa to develop their youth in better roles instead of trapping them in the AHL for years, causing them to lose many players to other leagues (KHL).

    All in all, Ottawa is a TEAM again, not a one liner.

  5. Scotty's little Moppy Says:

    Michalek’s cooled a bit, and despite just returning from injury refreshed, may be playing tenatively to not risk losing the chance to play at the Olympics. I know he netted that powerplay goal in his first game back but he still looks a little sluggish and less eager. Might be due to trying to find his legs after the injury. But after being on track for 30+ goals he’s now on pace for about 25. Not bad, as expected but could have been more. Needs to get back to driving the dirty areas and forget the Olympics until Feb 15.

    Heatley is in his honeymoon season with the Sharks. After this he’ll regress. May get 50 goals this year, but if the Sharks get bounced in round 2 or 3, next year could be looking at only 40 goals. Especially if Marleau doesn’t get extended and moves on.

    The Sharks had best make the best of this run because it’ll be tougher next year.

  6. I thought about that too Mr. Coconut…

    Ehrhoff would have been a nice addition to the deal, and they seemed to have just given him away…

    Maybe Murray didn’t want his contract, or couldn’t have taken it with Cheechoo, and no one else would take Cheechoo. Salaries had to basically match on this one, and Ottawa had already signed Kovy, so they were full.

    Maybe Cheech was the consolation prize for the team that got Mich (the best player SJ gave up).

    Would have liked to be a fly on the wall in some of those discussions….

  7. This team is better off without Heatley, regardless of how many goals he gets this year. The mere fact that this team is flirting with a playoff spot should tell you guys everything you need to know. Sure, Cheechoo may not light it up too often, but there’s no denying his efforts. Michalek has been a pleasant surprise, and I expect him to hit full stride again any time now, especially since the Spez-Dispenser is back.

    Bottom line is that this was the best offer we could get… or at least the best offer that we could get that Heatley would approve of… and I think we should applaud Mr. Murray for even getting us that much, all things considered.

    Now he just has to get the Volch situation under control!!!


  8. There’s no question that on paper the Sharks “won” the trade – they got an All-Star in exchange for a good player, a salary dump and a draft pick.

    Despite Cheechoo and Michalek’s inferior numbers – they contribute in so many other ways that seem to have helped the chemistry both on the ice and in the dressing room. I know Cheechoo’s overpaid – but everyone on the team genuinely seems to like the guy and Michalek is as valuable in his own end as he is in the other team’s.

    On top of that, Heatley’s departure seems to have cemented Clouston’s hold on the team. I truly believe Clouston gets more out of his role players than any other coach in the league. The Senators success this season is directly related to Clouston’s ability to get everyone to buy into the team-first mentality. Players know that if they play well they’ll get rewarded – regardless of how much they’re getting paid (see Regin, Shannon, Carkner etc).

    So while the Sharks won the battle – I think the Sens won the proverbial war.

  9. This talk of burying contracts should stop; Management has stated repeatedly that it isn’t going to happen and you know that the orders come from the Eug…

  10. Let me preface the following comments with this disclaimer… I spent most of the Fall trashing Bryan Murray for trading Heatley. I firmly believed that he should have forced him to stay until later in the season, or demanded a better return.

    Suffice it to say that I was wrong – out to lunch really.

    I still miss Heatley. Don’t get me wrong. I also think Cheechoo has no business in the NHL anymore. But, when you look at the changes to the team from a “big picture” point of view, the Sens are a way better team post-trade. I tend to consider Kovalev in that dynamic. I do not think we would have signed him if Heatley’s salary was on the way out.

    Perhaps it is also because others have been given a chance, or maybe it is the new culture brought in by Clouston… I don’t know. Probably a bit of many such things. All I can say is that the Sens roll three good lines and find a way to win more than they don’t.

    They aren’t a cup contender, but they aren’t the one-line disaster of 2008/2009 either.

    Even the AHL “D” has stepped up and bought into a system that allows them to succeed.

  11. Sorry for the typo… I mean that we would NOT have signed Kovalev if heatley’s salary wasn’t leaving… so we have Kovalev in part because of the trade.

  12. Best posters on the web, hands down, thanks guys for the awesome commentary…you’re my favourite blogs!

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