Winning In Spez-tacular Fashion.

Oh how nice to have the boys back together.  Even with only 16:14 in ice time, and without his usual line-mates, Spezza was still able to show why the Sens are better with a full offensive roster.  Not only did Spez score the winning goal, but he made an impact on the powerplay, and provided some key defensive plays, all in all, one heck of a first game back.

What can be said about Alfie that hasn’t already been said? Another HUGE goal, in a big game, at a big time in the game.

Another positive is the continued outstanding play of the youngin’s.  Regin looked composed and rock solid on the puck, Camps had another outstanding game at both ends of the ice, Karlsson had an impressive game, and is improving at a rapid pace, Shannon, just a superp performance and lastly, Elliott, who posted another W and provided solid goaltending for his skaters.

Update on MISSION: 0.614.

Currently 0.583 P%, with 14 of the required 27 pts, and 20 pts. remaining available.



3 Responses to “Winning In Spez-tacular Fashion.”

  1. I wonder if CiCi is smart enough to let Jason play for a few games 5 on 5 with #9 and sometimes #41, sometimes #27, sometimes #11, less pressure, fewer minutes??

  2. win or lose, i find myself saying the same things about certain players – regin’s hard work, karlsson’s huge strides, cheechoo’s lion heart etc etc.. but good god is it so much sweeter to be saying those things on top of ‘what a great win tonight’..

    i’m also super excited for the team to return home on a 6-game streak. i think we’re gonna roll right into the olympic break, and hopefully beyond it..

  3. Agreed Phil.
    I’m still not entirely sure what this club is yet. Are they a young team with a bright future? An old team about to fade out without their Captain? A team over-acheiving, or a team under acheiving?
    Honestly I’m not sure, I want to hope they’re the former, and the recent draft acquisitions by Murray will lead this team forward for years to come but only time will tell.
    But the past few games sure have been exciting.

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