The Latest Rumours

I told everyone a few posts back that I would pass along rumours that had an air of legitimacy, well, here’s 1 that was whispered to me earlier in the day, by someone in the league, but not associated with any of the teams involved, and others not in the league.

Now, remember, this is a rumour, not a fact, and I personally do not believe it, as honestly, why should I?  Tonnes of rumours float around and 99.9% are either total BS, or are unlikely to come to fruition even if true.

So here they are for all of you rumour addicts;


Kuba, Cheechoo, Lee, 2010 1st



Ray Whitney



Ray Whitney



Dion Phaneuf

Yes, another Phaneuf rumour, but I’m telling you, his name is front and centre in trade rumours out of CGY.

The other one I’ve heard a few times, from multiple people, some legit, some not;





So, laugh, cry, cheer, take your pick, but have fun with it all the same, because that’s why I passed them along, just for fun.



17 Responses to “The Latest Rumours”

  1. oh please…
    how about
    To Tampa : Kelly, Cheechoo, Lee, 1st
    To Ott : Lecavalier
    To Washington: Kuba, Lecavalier, 2nd and 5th and O’Brien
    To Ott : Ovenchkin

    see makes perfect sense

  2. Dutch Treat Says:

    Seriously?!? Why would Calgary give up a young defender for a 37 year old UFA?

    Firstly, you’re overpaying for Whitney and underpaying for Phaneuf. If Murray was to pull this off, I would award him Executive of the Year and recant every thing negative I’ve ever said about the guy.

    This rumor is “Eklund-like”.

  3. Hey lads, it’s not MY rumour, I’m just pasing them along. As I said myself, I don’t believe them to be true.
    As for the Phaneuf rumour, I thought the mix for Phaneuf was weird too, I would have thought CGY would end up with the pick…whatever, just passing it along.

  4. Well mine was pretty reliable
    I didn’t hear it from anyone associated with the Senators, Lightning or Capitals
    or any other affiliated leagues
    It was actually a Walmart greeter
    but he whispered it; so I figured he knew what he was talking about

    • Doubtful…if you don’t like rumours, don’t read them. But to think you take time out of your day to comment repeatedly on something you think is stupid says alot more about you than me, so have at it, if it makes you feel better.
      It’s just for fun, as I stated. Either this is beyond your ability to understand and/or accept, or you’re a complete douchebag that finds pleasure in playing the jerk. You pick.

      • Douchebag for sure
        Regardless, taking even the slightest time to filter out the silly rumour of Phaneuf for Whitney and co and actually posting a viable if still a bit far out rumour with brunette would have been a lot better

        Not to completely mock you or your HockeyQ, your Phaneuf thing was even worse then Eklund because you not only require one silly outlandish trade but a second in tandem

        I generally like your blog but found myself laughing out loud at this one and figured I’d chime in to tick you off I guess but really I was being as serious as your rumour and meant it as a joke; as I figured you were as well

        • Like I said, it’s all in fun. Some people like rumours, some don’t. Personally I do, not because I believe them, but because they grow organically from the game, and the strife every club goes through. Some are reasonable, some are not (actually, most are not).
          At the end of the day, with the salary cap, viewing trades in the same way we used to, player quality for player quality, “hockey” trades, are virtually a thing of the past. Now $$$ is as important as skill, so the whole idea of “reasonable” has been turned on its ear. Teams who feel they have to move a player, with a big salary/term (like Heatley) are forced to take back bad money…this is the new reality.
          Phaneuf, if some reports are true, has both worn out his welcome in CGY, and has a big contract. As such, if the Flames really want to move him (a big IF), it will unlikely net them much in return, as the acquiring team considers taking his salary as a negative, so will want to give it back, and will not likely be willing to do it in the form of a salary that is performing well on their roster.
          Fair, not fair, whatever, that has been the pattern. If CGY wants to move him, they’ll get dinged the “term salary” rebate.
          Think about it, 5 years ago, what would Heatley have netted?
          Alot more than he did last summer, that’s for sure.
          The same will apply to any player who comes with a big term contract.

          • Completely agree

            What I enjoy out of trade rumours is how viable and realistic they are
            Generally speaking every rumour you hear is made up over beers in a sports bar between people of varying hockey intelligence
            What tickles my fancy is when something makes sense
            Ie: your brunette trade (which I have seen elsewhere)
            If sens become a serious playoff contender and have sealed their chances on making the post season adding a veteran offensive presence in a field (PP) that we are especially weak makes worlds of sense
            Add to that Lee is in bad waves with the team, a young prospect and so desirable, Minn being a west coast team and needing some talent to refill their pantry
            I can’t see the sens making any serious moves though, we are far too close against the cap and we need our draft picks this year
            if anything it will be a spare parts trade and nothing blockbustery

            The Phaneuf thing is just straight up made up by somebody

  5. Scotty's little Moppy Says:

    Yeah, the OTT package is suspect because of the sheer dollars involved. Whitney if traded will be a rental and for bit parts or a conditional pick based on re-signing. Lee and a pick, not a first maybe but salary has to move too. Cheechoo and Lee for Whitney? Doubt that too. Carolina wants a rebuild so will be looking to get younger with picks and maybe a NHL ready player. If CAR doesn’t plan to re-up Whitney they’ll shop him and get the best return for his rental services.

    Sens don’t really need another aging vet, though Whitney could be another scoring threat for the playoffs. If the price isn’t too steep then
    it wouldn’t be a bad pickup.

    Brunette for Lee is a fleece job but depends on his contract status if Brunette is UFA. Again aging vet but with good powerplay abilities. Minnesota or Raliegh are perfect spots for a Fargo lad.

    The rumoured teams may be talking bu I doubt these exact packages are presented wihout some degree of GM laughter.

    Hell I’d send Kuba, Campoli and a prized young forward (like Regin) for Phaneuf.

    You’re right Fun Fun Fun.

    What would we look like with Phaneuf and Brunette or Whitney instead of Kuba, Campoli, Lee and Regin?

    Only real long term damage is Regin.

    Sutter wouldn’t take Kuba though. Does he play Sutter hockey?

    Either way moving Winchester, Regin OR Kelly with Kuba for a top 2 D wouldn’t be a detriment.

  6. thats a lot to give up for Whiteney jsut to turn it around for Phaneuf. i live in Calgary, Phaneuf is not what he was even a few yrs ago. i wouldnt do it if i was Murray.

  7. GN:

    For one so Hockey savy, hell life savy, this “Mug’s Game” of Rumour mongering is really becoming your blind spot!

    Trade rumours like injury reports were invented by “Book Makers” to give the “Fool Multitude”, the Gamblers, something to think about…to confuse them!

    • Completely agree Nik, but I find them fun, that’s it, that’s all. I consider it like talking politics like it actually matters, when we all know, at the end of the day, they’ll do whatever benefits them, no matter the “wing” it supports.

  8. Kuba has a no-move for this year, and I doubt he would waive it to go to Carolina.

  9. Amen!

    During the Bush Administration had CNN on 24-7 what did it get me…but angry!

    So OK, sign Volchy @ 3 for 5…trade Kuba for Corvo (who has a secret child in Ottawa and must return to Canada forever…Cheech is needed for the Polar Bear hunt in Riga and transfers his contract to Russia. Sens go the Eastern Finals with the Caps making enough money for us to buy a few more Russians of our own next year and thus win Stanley!

  10. Scotty's little Moppy Says:

    Relax, GN threw it out there with disclaimers and people still go all anti-eklund apeshit on him. Fawk. I humoured it and ran with it for SNG. Kuba might not waive an NMC to go to Raleigh, but Calgary, despite their recent slide are still a solid team in the West, and could possibly waive if asked. That said there seems to be a little extra work to be done in that regard to make it happen, so it inceases the doubt in it becoming reality. Extra doubtful in that Kuba doesn’t strike me as a Sutter guy. But then Olli Jokinen didn’t either.

    Deals sometimes come out of nowhere and surprise everyone.

    Bottom line – not all of them benefit both sides like Latendresse/Pouliot.

    And some (even the lopsided ones) have the blessing in disguise factor (cap relief) for trailblazing a future deal.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Murray deal before the Olympic break and the clock is ticking, so the rumour mill will no doubt be on fire in the next week.

    Good One, GN. How does it rate on a BS scale BS1 = E5?

  11. Woozle man Says:

    True, moving Kuba this year to a non-contender is probably a no-go. I’d be interested in that Lee for Brunette swap, given that we could use a bit of help on the PP. I’d like to see Ottawa get a late rounder coming back though, as we’re swapping an older UFA for a younger RFA.

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