Good Boy Marmaduke, Good Boy!

With another impact game, Peter Regin is quickly emerging as a legit top 6 forward in the NHL, and for a team in need of one, that’s a big deal.

As it stands now, with the elite players getting back into the line-up, the second tier players like Fish, Shannon and Regin are facing lessor competition and lessor ice time, allowing them to once again perform offensively.  Once Spezza returns the pay-off will only improve as some talent moves deeper into the line up and makes the team that much more of a balanced offensive threat.

Apart from a shameful defensive play by Kuba, one would be hard pressed to point out any glaring errors made by this team tonight, and that’s why they won, and have been winning.

Clouston has implemented a system, the players have learned it, are executing it, and when times get tough, like after the tieing goal, are relying on it to see them through.  This does 2 key things.  It inspires confidence in each-other and themselves, and it allows the team to be very efficient in practice time.  Everybody now knows their role, and it’s the same from the 1st line to the 4th.  Hard forecheck, cover for your Dman, and play hard in the neutral zone to disrupt the offensive rush.

No need to practice, just execute, and in a compressed schedule this ability to provide down time is critical and allows the team to play an up tempo game night in, night out.

5 W’s in a row…about time!



2 Responses to “Good Boy Marmaduke, Good Boy!”

  1. Petr Regin Jensen is not a Great Dane he is/was a “Norwegian Blue Fox”.

    Let’s call him “Jensen the Superior Fox” or Petr Puck. He doesn’t suit Marmaduke…too skilled, too refined.

    I just hope we don’t mess this up…Kovy has the kid thinking he’s a world beater and he is!

  2. Dutch Treat Says:

    Kuba must go. Never seen a player with his size play smaller than a 19-year rookie with 50 less pounds than him. PATHETIC!

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