The Kids Are Alright!

Talk about makin’ Papa proud!

Regin, Elliott, Shannon, Smith and Karlsson were outstanding.

If tonight is any indication, this team has some solid depth both at the forward and defensive positions.

Big Zach showed why he was looked to as a potential Sens out of training camp. Since his call-up he’s shown tremendous poise with the puck, steady defensive play, and a physical edge that makes his game the perfect 3rd line package.

Tonight Regin showed some more brilliant puck handling skill and no doubt has left Murray hoping he has in “Marmaduke” the makings of a legit second line forward.  Add some size Peter and you’ll soon start turning those slick moves into goals more often.

Shannon.  This kid is the definition of value.  Oh sure, he’s no first line guy, but when you can count on a player to provide offense, defense and control the blueline on the PP, you have yourself a valuable guy.  Pay him under a million, and you have a VERY valuable guy.

Elliott, what can I say, this poor kid needed something good to happen in the worst way.  Did Brodeur provide the wake-up call?  Did ditching Eli let him get back to playing his own style?  Did having his dad in the crowd force him to settle down and get back to basics?  I have no idea, but I do know he looks like the Elliott we all thought we signed in the off season.  Keep it up Els, we need you.

Last but not least, Karlsson.  Seriously, how good is this kid going to be?  Real good.  His defensive play is unorthodox, but it works, and he has an uncanny way of breaking up almost any rush against.  The other key part of his game is also rounding into shape.  His ability to identify offensive opportunities is elite, and his ability to make them happen is inspiring.  Give this kid time to grow into his game, and his body, and the Sens have themselves a legit #1 PP Dman.

As you all know, tonight I didn’t expect a win, but I did expect a solid game from this surging team.  The Sens delivered both, in spectacular fashion.



3 Responses to “The Kids Are Alright!”

  1. We know this team has underachieved a bit to this point but finally teamwork and chemistry have come together. At the right time. Hopefully the 5 game losing streak was rock bottom. We know this team isn’t an elite dynasty, but the tools are there to do damage. Kovalev has quietly set up some key goals lately too. On the way to that .550 to .575 finish that will earn a playoff berth.

    I want to see some playoff action from Kovalev. If you take a look at his career playoff stats, he doesn’t disappear … The Sens could do damage if they make it and go in healthy.

  2. now with spezza and 9mm coming back…do you want to send smith back down…sit players or will BM trade out a couple guys while thier value is high

  3. I think Smith will go down, but he may be held up as a scratch until Winchester returns. Smiths return to the AHL is imminent by the Olympic break – there’s 7 or 8 games he could use to stay sharp. In all likelihood unless another injury occurs prior to the Olympic break or an Olympic player suffers an injury in Vancouver, Smith will be out. That said, trades could occur to change that. Smith so far is the forward call up who has made the most impact so he could be given some more opportunities.
    Winchester, take note.

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