6 Pts. The Hard Way.

Let’s be  honest, when this team hit the road minus several key players, in our heart of hearts, we fans just wanted to see .500 hockey.

We all looked at the schedule and circled the games vs. ATL and CAR as the most likely wins.  When the Sens dropped both of those games, in horrible fashion, the future looked grim.

But then, for whatever reason(s), the fortunes changed.  An incredible road win vs. the Rangers, a comeback victory vs. the Habs, and a dominating victory over the Bruins.  3 big wins against the opponents from which most of were hoping for a tie or two, at best.

Suddenly, with 3 straight wins, this team is right back in the thick of the play-off race.  Add to that the fact the injuries are (hopefully) coming to an end and the dark days that began at the beginning of this road trip look to be over.

Tonight offers a challenge, frankly, beyond the Sens.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m pulling for a victory, but CHI is the class of the NHL right now and expecting a win, with a depleted line-up, in a back to back, is hardly fair.  I’m looking for the Sens to battle in this one, and failing a win, a tie would be nice.



2 Responses to “6 Pts. The Hard Way.”

  1. dave young Says:

    COuldnt have said it better Mr Norton

    Update on mission 0.619?

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