2 pts. The Hard Way.

Now that was a nail bitter!

I was squirming in my chair, playing armchair goaltender on every shot…after the game I felt like I’d run a marathon.

Penalties, penalties, penalties.  Some good, some BS and some bad.  But the PK, that was a thing of beauty, in all but one of the PP’s Montreal was completely shut down, and they ended the night minus one…amazing.

Seeing Alfie back on the ice, even if only at 80%, was a like a cold beer on a hot day.  He is beyond description, and had an impact every shift he played, no wonder this team does so much better with Alfie in the line-up, he defines game breaker.

Lastly Zach Smith.  This kid, along with Brodeur, have been absolutely lights out.  We’ve all been waiting to see someone come into this line-up from Bingo and make a splash, and now we have, big time.

Yes this team was in the toilet, and no, they’re far from making the post season, but getting wins against the NYR and Canadiens is huge, and I don’t even want to imagine what the mood would be had it been the other way around.

Lastly, it looks like the injury ward is about to get less crowded with the imminent return of Kuba, and a decent chance that both Spezza and Mich could be back within a week and a half.

Here’s hoping.



2 Responses to “2 pts. The Hard Way.”

  1. GN:

    I don’t consider Kuba an up-grade unless he goes in for the “Pup”…Ya don’t change a winning Defence…especially ours!

  2. Dutch Treat Says:

    Agreed with Nik. Picard and Carkner have natural chemistry and Campoli is FINALLY playing up to his potential. Combine that with Karlsson’s progress and I’d be actively shopping Kuba if I were Murray. He’s easily been the most disappointing defenceman of the year.

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