Snoopy KO’d

It would appear Pascal has suffered a set back in his recovery from the broken cheek.

A Mike Fisher shot to the head in practice resulted in Leclaire blacking out momentarily, and subsequently enduring blurred vision and dizzyness.

This was the fear in Pascal coming back from the broken cheek bone, that the structural damage wasn’t the only injury he suffered, that he in fact also suffered a concussion in the incident.

This latest injury would lend credibility to this concern.  It is not uncommon for post concussion sufferers to be prone to repeat symptoms soon after “apparent” recovery from the initial injury.  The brains a funny thing, and predicting it’s recovery remains a relative unknown.

How long he will remain out is impossible to predict, but if this is a follow up concussion, the fact he is unable to practice today is very troubling.  This could be a day to day, or a career ender, it’s that wide open.

The fact is a goaltender will take shots off the head, mask or no mask, and if your brain is unable to withstand this excessive impact, there’s no ready solution.

Let’s hope, for reason beyond hockey, this isn’t as potentially serious as it appears at this point.



7 Responses to “Snoopy KO’d”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Please let it be only a small injury from which he heals completely and quickly.

  2. Dutch Treat Says:

    I’m waiting for him to stand up during a press meeting and yell: “THEY CALL ME MR. GLASS!”

    Am I the only one alarmed that he managed a concussion while wearing a goalie mask…? Seriously, I was a goalie right through to university and I’ve taken some doozies to the melon and been fine….our helmets are designed to take impact from up to 120 MPH (says so right on the box).

    I could buy that this is a lingering effect of cheekbone injury but how did our doctors not find that out? And if so, will this be a recurring problem? Hate to say it, but maybe we have to cut bait and not hinge our hopes on this guy.

    • My thoughts exactly.

      Offhand I can’t recall ever witnessing a goalie incur a concussion in this manner, and I’ve seen plenty of solid slapshots to the head over the years. So yeah, that makes it seem more likely that this is a much more serious second concussion.

  3. I sure am happy that helmets can withstand a 120mph impact. Heads, even buffered by said helmet, are a different situation I suppose.

    Okay, some heads are a different situation.

  4. 2 key points;
    1. Masks protect the wearer from significant damage up to 120 mph, not any damage.
    2. According to a pro goalie I spoke to earlier, getting hit on the forehead is the worst spot as the puck hits “flat” without any deflection to lesson the force of the impact. Basically the full force of the puck is impacted onto the mask.

  5. If Leclaire was suffering recurring symptoms from a concussion, it may explain his crappy play over the last week and a half. Here’s hoping it’s not too serious and that he returns to form when he gets back.

  6. I think a statue should be erected in Alfies honour at the entrance to SBP. Fans should be required to give an offering and bow prior to entering the premises.

    Wow. That was one fine way to come back into the lineup. Mike wasn’t too shabby again either.

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