Getting Deeper.

I remember once, when I was younger, going off roading with a friend.  We thought it would be fun to take his Jeep out and see what it could do.

We bombed around on a few back roads, but they didn’t give us the thrill we were seeking, you know, some good ol’ mud.

The we spotted an open gate to a farmers field, and thought, what the hell.

Now, I really should mention this was early spring, the frost had just come out of the ground, and it was wet, wet wet.

We drove around a bit, had  some laughs, then went down into a low section of the field.

That was when the fun ended.

Sure enough, the mighty Jeep started breaking through the turf, and our progress became slower, and slower until, not matter how hard he hit the gas, we stopped.  Door rails deep in mud.

No matter what we tried, we just spun the tires, digging the Jeep in deeper, and deeper.

Then along came the farmer, none too pleased to see a couple of grinning idiots knee deep in mud, planting their Jeep in his back fourty.

“We’re stuck” I said.

“Ya don’t say…get lost too did ya?”

“More like got stupid”

“Ya don’t say…got any money for a pull?”

“A pull?  From what, we’re a kilometer from the road, if a Jeep can’t get here without getting stuck, what can?”

And that’s when I learned, a tool for every job.

Not more than 10 minutes later the farmer came back driving a massive dually tractor.

“You might have a Jeep”  he said smugly “But I got a tractor”

And in no more time than it took to hook up a chain did he pull out our pathetic Jeep all the way back to the road, without so much as a hiccup.

A Jeeps great, but it ain’t no tractor.

A checking line is all well and good, but it ain’t no first line.

Sure, it got us through a few games, but as the mud got deeper, the progress slowed, and now, no matter how hard they try, this team is just spinning its tires.

No use cursing fate…personally, I just hope a tractor comes along before it’s too late.



9 Responses to “Getting Deeper.”

  1. Dutch Treat Says:

    How’s the tractor going to fix our lousy goaltending?

  2. I don’t think the problem tonight was goaltending … at least on the first 3 goals.

  3. I agree Sam, the problem for Snoopy was the D either screening him or allowing the pass through. He can’t be expected to stop 2-1’s all night. The Sens were pylons at both ends of the ice tonight…they just stood there, waiting for the puck to come to them.

  4. Can we use the tractor as our goalie its big and would be able to stop most pucks, in all seriousness there’s no point in blaming people, your post was perfectly said our 3-4liners are trying but in the end we need the big guns back and when they come back the sens will be back to winning games consistantly or consistantly enough.

    Ottawa with one line has not been good enough since their stanley cup final appearance, this year they had to top six lines because kovalev and fisher were supporting alfie spez and mich, right now cuz of injuries were back to one line or well two guys with one surprise speedster, things will change watch when they come back not only will the offense produce more but the goaltending will be better because they will have confidence knowing that if one/two goals go in its not the end of the world.

  5. I don’t want to bust any bubbles, but Alfie, Spezza and Michalek weren’t exactly lighting it up before they fell to injury. Their return will improve the front end and the team overall, but I don’t think it’ll be be a complete reversal of fortune. Back to .500 maybe.

    Hopefully too our tractor will soon realize he’s a tractor not a jeep.

  6. Alfie’s the tractor but even he can’t pull the entire load; sadly when he comes back the other lines will be waiting for him to produce, which might reduce his scoring even further.

    At this point I just hope Murray doesn’t make any idiotic trades to pad this team for the playoffs; there’s no hope of beating anyone outside Buffalo in round 1…time for the rebuild.

  7. I always hope for the win, but if we don’t win, I hope for every team behind us to win — tell me you wouldn’t want Taylor Hall pulling on the Red, White and Black next year? You can’t buy a fix anymore, you need to draft them.

    OT — if Don Waddell goes crazy and decides he needs to make a trade to try and make the playoffs to try and keep Kovalchuk, and he offers you Bogosian and a 1st for Volchenkov and a 2nd, would you do it?

  8. If Alfie, Spezza, and Mich come back and don’t produce much, it will still free up the secondary scoring which has been stifled lately because they’re currently facing the opposition’s shut-down lines. That alone should provide a couple of goals per night, which will definitely win some games. Not to mention our PK is that much better with Alfie and Mich.

  9. Ha, great story and great post. While I think that the people urging for our team to somehow tank the season aren’t being realistic, I do hope that Murray manages to acquire some picks or prospects via trade this year.

    It sure doesn’t look like we’re going to stop falling for a while.

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