Wake Me Up…

When it’s over.

I felt like saying that half way through the third, and feel that way about the remainder of the season.

Here’s the thing, the NHL, even with the disparity in teams, is a very competitive league.  Losing your top 3 forwards, and number one Dman is an impossible challenge to over-come.

If it were for a game or two, sure, anything can happen, but over time, the players being asked to “step it up” get beaten down, tired, and dejected.  What was once good enough to be effective is suddenly not even good enough to be neutral.  What was once a night’s work, is now only half a game.

And for the Sens, there’s no real end in sight.  Oh sure, there’s talk of players returning, but for the guys suiting up, it’s all but meaningless speculation.  They still have to try to be what they aren’t, and suffer the humiliation of failing to prove otherwise.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, apart from luck, this team is in a death spiral.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ll eagerly lap up my words…but, I doubt I’ll have to.

The effort and desire is there, but the skill is not.

It kills me to say it, almost as much as it kills me to watch it.

Come on boys, make me look like a pessimistic fool!



6 Responses to “Wake Me Up…”

  1. Hey Gerald,

    Just one question: You think Kuba’s the #1 on this team?

  2. Accordint to ice time, and role (PP, PK, ES), yes, as sad as that may be. This roster soooo needs a legit #1.

  3. While it is tragic all these injuries. Nobody has looked in how the sens allowed their best player among others to be taken out by goons such as Craig Adams. Part of successful coaching is also to make sure that when the opposition have their headhunters on the ice that your valuable players are aware. The more I look at it .. while Cory Clouston is a definite upgrade over his predecessor, the overall coaching staff can be upgraded. They all need to be better. It is part of game preparation and scouting the opposing teams to know this stuff.

    The pittsburgh penguins and their management and staff should be ashamed of having players like craig adams on their team. with 8 points (all assists) in 46 games, it is clear what somebody like that is doing on the ice. While injuries are part of the game, this is completely unacceptible.

  4. Funny though how teams like Buffalo and Jersey manage with few superstars.
    The Olympic break will help restore health to most of the injured and fatigued. I’m hoping Spezza comes back with renewed life. The short trade flurry after the Olympics will be interesting to watch.

    -The MOP

  5. I think Clouston has done a great job, and has gotten about as much as he can out of their roster.

    And Scotty, I think it’s pretty obvious why Buffalo and New Jersey manage to do well: It sure helps having Miller and Brodeur in net doesn’t it?

    Anyway, the Sens do need to be healthy to have a legitimate chance of winning. They were doing well before the injury floodgate opened. I think we’ll have to be patient until Spez, Alfie and Michalek come back.

  6. I knew the goaltending on those teams would be mentioned and I was thinking of them in the ‘few superstars’ category. But Jersey did do well last year with Clemmensen when Brodeur was out. Name one superstar D on the New Jersey and Buffalo blue lines. (Myers may be on his way … but not yet)

    On the Sens goaltending …
    Leclaire won’t get better until he sees a lot of rubber. The goalie roulette has to stop and he has to start the next 10 games regardless of what happens on the scoreboard. That would go a long way to getting him back on track. That and a healthy dose of H1N1 to Brennan and Garrioch (or something to keep them away from covering the team).

    -The Mop

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