Sweet Carolina?

One can only hope.

Ok, I’ll admit I was pretty negative in my last post.  I’ve tried not to write immediately after a bad loss, but last night I didn’t think I would have time to do so today, so I broke my rule.

The truth is, even sitting in 8th place, this team is still on track to make the post season.

Alfie is due back within a week to 10 days, Spezza is also ahead of schedule, but still too far away to predict accurately, and Mich could be out long term, or a couple of days.  Concussions are funny things, and predicting the recovery is near impossible.

Thankfully Kuba appears to have suffered only a strain, not a break, to his wrist.  He’s on the trip, leaving one thinking he’s probably only a game or two away from suiting up.

Winnie is a loss, but not the sort of loss a team cannot work around.  In fact playing Z. Smith in his place is a nice try out, and with Winnie coming up on RFA, getting a look at other options is a positive.  No offense to Winnie, who I very much admire as a player, but it’s injuries to guys like him that allow the team to analyze their prospects, and negotiate deals that reflect the teams needs.

Tonight, it’s simple.  Go to the net, shoot the puck, and make the easy defensive plays in your own zone.

The goaltending has to be reliable, not brilliant.  The defense has to be simple and effective.  The forwards have to be opportunistic, aggressive, and keep the game simple.

Simplicity is the key.  Carolina may not be an elite team, but they are on a bit of a roll, and the Sens cannot afford to make it easy on them by playing run and gun.

Forecheck, crash, and clear.




One Response to “Sweet Carolina?”

  1. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    To Montreal:
    Alexei Kovalev
    Alexandre Picard

    To Ottawa:
    Jaroslav Spacek
    Max Pacioretty

    To Edmonton:
    Max Pacioretty
    Chris Campoli
    San Jose Second Round Draft Pick

    To Ottawa:
    Sheldon Souray

    To Binghampton:
    Erik Karlsson
    Jonathon Cheechoo

    Brian Lee
    Ryan Keller
    Cody Bass

    St Pierre/Keller-Regin-Donovan
    St Pierre/keller-Smith-Bass


    Line-up when healthy:



    In the off-season try and trade:

    Chris Kelly
    Filip Kuba

    for cap space

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