Hey Nik, Now THAT Was Ugly!

For all of you who vented your spleens after the WSH loss, now what?

You see, I kept my powder dry for just such an occasion as this.

Sonnufabitch that was pathetic.  What a useless bunch of sleds.  Can anyone in a Sens uniform actually shoot the damn puck? And the goaltending…for Chrisakes why don’t we just shove Sparticat in there and at least get some feckin’ entertainment out of the game?

The worse part?  I don’t even feel any better.

So what to do, what to do?


Make a sacrifice to the Hockey Gods.

Give up.

O.k., maybe not that last one…yet, but if Kuba is out for any length of time, and Clouston remains committed to playing ‘tender roulette, giving up on this season may be more realistic than expecting a turn-around.

The fact is, without the top line, and even average goaltending, this team is lousy.  I’ll remain hopeful for a turn-around, but last nights game did nothing to inspire me to believe it’s of much use.

Come on Carolina…kick us when we’re down.



2 Responses to “Hey Nik, Now THAT Was Ugly!”

  1. Scotty Says Says:

    Time to stick with one goalie (Snoopy) and let er go. Pull him only after less than .800 period or 3 straight goalies. He’s not gonna get to ‘lights out’ unless …

    Goalie roulette its tough but this weekend was a back to back.

  2. Yes the loss was ugly. This team is missing it’s 3 best players now two more are injured. They are struggling and so are the goaltenders right now. Even the great Brodeur (3 goals on 7 shots) Luongo at the first of this season & MA Fleury has even been pulled from games. Elliott & Leclaire played good at the beginning of this season.. and this team played well…. too say they are lousy is not right. What they have to do is play Leclaire until he get’s out of the funk. He is a good goalie and has and will play better. The power play is more of a concern to me right now.. that is costing us games as well as goaltending. Let’s hope the injuries have stopped, the goalies get back to basics.. and that ‘ugly’ power play gets back on track..and we get the injured players back quickly

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