Road Worriers.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting sick of hearing about the Sens poor road record.

Sure, a P% of 0.38 is nothing to be proud of, but let’s examine the opposition thus far;

Rangers (L), Leafs (W), Canadiens (W), Panthers (W), Lightning (L), FLYERS (L), Devils (L), Bruins (L,OT), Sharks (L), Kings (L), Coyotes (L), Ducks (W), Flyers (W), Leafs (L), Devils (L), Penquins (L), Sabres (W).

Apart from the single losses to the Lightning and the Leafs, the Sens should have lost the games they lost.  They were beaten by, statistically, better teams.  And, with the Western road swing, they were without Leclair.  Would they have won with him, who knows, but facing strong opposition, on the road, playing your back-up, is not exactly ideal conditions.

I’d rather pull from that record the fact that the Sens beat a quality team in Buffalo, and managed a SO/L to Boston then dwell on two losses to inferior teams, teams I might add they’ve beaten more than once already this year.

Absolutely this team needs to pick it up on the road, but let’s not forget they aren’t a #1 team in the league, and to expect them to consistently beat those teams ahead of them in the standings…well, that’s just not reasonable.  The Sens need to secure wins against those team below them in the standings, tie those just above them in the standings, and steal a game or two from those way above them in the standings.

Tonight represents the latter, and I for one do not “expect” a win, although I’d sure take one.  What I expect is for the Sens to compete, play their system and, should they lose, get beaten by the opposition, not themselves, as was the case in the loss to Boston in the previous game.

Washington represents a very tough out.  They have an impressive 0.76 P% at home, and just stitched the C on OV, who will be doing his best to show he deserves it, just like Crosby.

To me, a tie tonight would be great, a win would be awesome, and a loss, if well fought, would be acceptable.  But, it’s only acceptable if they beat those teams below them…if they fail to do that, add me to the list of Road Worriers.



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