The Rumour Mill On Full.

There’s been a lot more rumblings out there lately concerning the Sens.  I’ve heard some names being tossed around, but the truth is, as I’m told, nothing is coming down the pipe, yet.

The focus remains a legit top 4, but strangely, in many of the rumours I’ve heard personally (not publicly) another top 4 has been included in the return package.  I just cannot get my head around that, so I’ve chosen not to pass them along.

I have been told that the team is looking to make a move prior to the Olympic Roster Freeze, and that, over-all, many teams intend to do the same.  So I would expect something to come down sooner rather than later, but probably closer to the end of the month.

The next few weeks will go a long way in determining the real chances of teams to make the post season, and mid-term depth/scouting meetings are now being held by most teams. I’d expect the combination of the two will result in legitimate trade discussions ramping up in the near term.

Until then, enjoy the rumours, and feel free to pass along any you see or hear yourselves.  We all know it’s 99% BS, but, as fans of the Sens, and the game, it is fun to discuss all the same.

Should I hear a rumour that is either from a VERY good source, or is particularly intriguing, I’ll pass it along, but until then I’d prefer to not make myself into a rumour monger.

The last interesting trade rumour I heard (privately) centred around Phaneuf…but the money just didn’t add up.



4 Responses to “The Rumour Mill On Full.”

  1. yeah i think it’s fair to assume that murray’s trying to make a trade as soon as possible – he’s been on record to say he likes to deal well before the deadline.

    here’s hoping there’s potential to make a good solid move to help push us into the post-season..

  2. If Michalek is injured (left in 1st after hitting Green), Murray may have no choice but to pull the trigger.

  3. Woozle man Says:

    Please please please, trade for a defenseman who can play a lot of minutes and defend properly. Kuba is useless. How much could it possibly cost to get Dan Hamhuis?

  4. […] times over the course of the season credible sources have stated that CGY and OTT were in discussions surrounding Phaneuf, but in every instance a quality Dman was involved in the exchange, most frequently A-Train.  I […]

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