Out Gunned.

Look, losing to the Capitals is hardly something to point to as proof positive that the end in nigh.  In fact, all things considered, the mere fact the Sens weren’t blown out is a victory in it’s own right.  No Alfie, Spezza, or Mich, and really, should they have stood any real chance?  No.

And, surprise surprise, they lost.

But the fact of the matter is, apart from not getting any points from that match, the Sens did a lot of good things.

  1. They skated hard.
  2. They played solid defense.
  3. They played to the final buzzer.

I’d like to point to Leclaire as the goat, but honestly, for every stinker he let in (3), he made 2 huge saves.  Given the choice between a goalie who needs to tighten his easy game, to a goalie that needs to tighten his hard game…I’ll take the former.  I just have to believe these soft goals are a product of such inconsistent playing time over the past 2 seasons.

Even had Leclair not allowed the 3 easy goals, the Sens never looked able to win this game, they just didn’t have the horses to really compete, and without their top 2 players, they shouldn’t have.  Like it or not, that’s the reality of the situation right now.

Look, both Boston and Pittsburgh were in lopsided losses, should they be hitting the panic button?

Shake it off, I don’t remember too many people picking OTT ahead of WSH, so let’s keep things in perspective.

On a bright note, apart from the wrap-around goal, I thought Karlsson looked awesome.  He was skating, he competed extremely hard, and he always seemed able to recover from difficult situations…he looked like the Hasek of defense, all arms and legs, but somehow got it done.  This kid is going to be good, real good.

It was too bad to see Carks get burned by OV, but he should feel no shame in joining a VERY long list.  I still don’t like OV, too much showmanship for my liking, but there’s no denying his skill and determination to score.

Truth be known, had this been against a weaker opponent, I think there’s reason to believe the outcome could have been different.  Here’s hoping Snoopy recovers from those goals, and gets his game back on an even keel.



3 Responses to “Out Gunned.”

  1. GN:

    Take off the rose coloured glasses, we just got shellacked by a goalie who is finished, a very suspect Cap’s defence, a new and struggling Captain, a hot and cold Semin…They are lucky they have Backstom, he is carrying them.

    Our only chance to make post-season…keep kicking the “Under dogs!”

    I don’t like us on the road…the players themselves don’t like our team on the road…this has to change!

    • Nik, this is WSH, they’ve whooped a pile of teams, you want me to believe Ottawa should have beaten them, without their top 3 players? Get real!
      Ottawa played a decent game, and got beaten by a FAR, FAR, FAR superior team.
      I’m more than willing to accept that Ottawa isn’t an elite team, are you?
      Imagine, the Sens have to beat teams below them to make the post season…as opposed to having to beat the elite teams?
      Seriously, this is your point? How many non-elite teams make the post season by losing to the weaker teams, but owning the elite teams?
      The Sens are a middle of the pack team, with a full roster. Take out 3 of their top players, and if they even compete against elite teams it’s a win.
      I’m under no illusions the Sens are elite, and them still being in 6th, all things considered, is remarkable.
      Remove Malkin, Crosby and Staal from Pittsburgh, do you consider them contenders? Remove OV, Semin and Backstrom from WSH, are they elite?
      But somehow Ottawa is supposed to compete without their top line. Who, Fisher, Shannon and Kovy? Get real.

  2. Woozle man Says:

    Canucnik: true, we are not the same team on the road, and this doesn’t stand us in good stead for the remainder of the season (most of which is on the road).

    Glad to hear Karlsson played a hard game. More in the future please. Maybe some of his effort will rub off on Kuba.

    Hurry back, Spezza and Alf!

    Murray, please trade for a defender who can skate and *defend*, Kuba is useless.

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