Another Brick In The Wall

The blueline on this team is deficient.

This deficiency is costing the Senators wins.

The future looks good with Karlsson, Wiercioch and Cowen, present issues not withstanding, butthis is not a short-term solution.

So what to do?

Target some bricks, to shore up the wall.

Here’s my list, from my blog to Murray’s desk, no doubt!

Marc Staal (NYR) – Basically a young Phillips.  Big, physical, strong one on one, and can log more than his fair share of minutes, while having the ability to move the puck and chip in offensively.  He’s not the prototypical #1, good at all things, but he’s a legit top 4.

Ryan Whitney (ANA) – Another top 4 D-man, but not a #1.  Ryan is primarily an offensive minded Dman who can transition well, and fires a cannon from the blueline.  He has good size, but isn’t known for playing an overly aggressive game, but has shown a willingness to do so on occasion.

Pavel Kubina (ATL) – I know, as an ex Leaf, there’s no love for this particular big CZE either, but the fact remains he is a legit top 4, has some good size, which he occasionally uses, and can offer above average offense from the blueline.  He can also log big minutes.

Joni Pitkanen (CAR) –  After having moved around the league, he’s still yet unproven, but has all of the tools required of an all around top 4 Dman.  At 26, his best years are ahead of him, and considering the team he plays for, and his contract, could probably be landed for a song.  Maybe he’s a decent team away from putting it all together…or maybe not.

Dion Phaneuf (CGY) – Big, mean, fast, and an offensive dynamo.  Unfortunately, he’s also a bit brash, and struggles when tasked to provide sound defensive play.  Combine this with a BIG contract and you have a guy posing a high risk/reward ratio.  Could the Sens even afford him without it costing them Volchy?

Cam Barker (CHI) – How good is this kid really?  With a strong crop of blueliners around him, nobody really knows.  He has the potential to be a legit top 4, with an offensive focus, but his contract is already paying him as such.

Bryan McCabe (FLA) – Can you imagine, no Chara, but Bryan McCabe instead?  Tough to swallow.  But he can play big minutes, is decent defensively, provides top notch offense and is likely available should the Panthers be out of the play-off picture come trade deadline day.

Zbynek Michalek (PHO) – Along with his nearly unpronounceable name Zbynek provides a solid top 4 shut down game.  He can play a physical game, can provide some offense, but mainly excels as a mobile and defensively reliable shut down defender.  With an impending big UFA pay day on the horizon, it’s probable, should they be out of the play-off picture, Zbynek will become available at the deadline.

Thomas Kaberle (TOR) – I’ve already discussed this one, his offense would be much appreciated.




5 Responses to “Another Brick In The Wall”

  1. Dutch Treat Says:

    Kubina – Filip Kuba possibly redux – no thanks

    Phaneuf and Kaberle – Murray will have to mortgage too much to acquire them.

    Barker/Pitkanen – unproven…could be another Campoli-type acquisition

    Michalek / Whitney – probably our best choices

    Marc Staal – the fact that we would have to trade for a guy we could have drafted in the first place over Brian “The Big Time Reach” Lee makes me a sad panda.

    You’re missing a very obvious one – from a team desperate to clear up cap space on a mis-signing…BRIAN CAMPBELL. He has a huge cap hit but he is the PP QB that Murray covets (he’s tried to acquire him twice) and Chicago desperately needs to clear space and no one wants Brent Sopel.

    I could see Brian Campbell being acquired for a very decent price. Sadly, his cap hit would be enormous so Murray would have to make moves like burying Cheechoo’s contract and shipping off Kuba somehow.

  2. DT,
    No doubt all of these players lack in something, that’s why they’d be available. The only wat to land a real #1 is either by sheer luck (as in the case of Chara and Bouwmeester) or through the draft (let’s hope we did with Cowen).
    Depending on the cost, I’d look to anyone of the players on that lst to improve our defensive corps.
    As for Campbell, no, he was purposely left out. His salary, term, skill and age just do not make him a viable option, IMO.

  3. dave young Says:

    You left off any of the nashville crop. Cody Franson and Dan Hamhuis both look quite good and come much cheaper than any on this list.

  4. Hey Dave,
    There’s been some chatter around Hamhuis. I purposely left them off, because I doubted NSH would be in a dealing frame of mind. Both of those players represent good options though, if they became available.

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