Trouble Bruin?

We all know what happens when a hot air mass collides with a cold one…one major storm, and that may well  be what we’re in for tonight at SBP.

Facing Boston, just when you’re getting your Mojo going may not be such a good thing.  It would be kind to say Boston has had Ottawa’s number of late, it would be accurate to say they’ve made them their bitch.

For Boston, facing a red hot Ottawa squad, after being called out publicly by your coach, may be a recipe for disaster.

Neither of these teams is going to skate onto the ice thinking they have it in the bag, and neither team wants to skate off without a win.

Add to this the fact that this is an inter-conference, inter-division, and key standings game, and the pressure just mounts, on both sides.

Of course this big game had to come on the same night as the WJC gold medal match.  Another home game on a team Canada WJC game night…this home schedule has been a nightmare for the Sens, but at least the team has taken advantage of the front loaded schedule with a 0.700 P% home record.

If Ottawa pulls out a win, it’s going to come as a result of good goaltending, because we all know Thomas will stand on his head (again), and the chastised stars on Boston are going to hit the ice flying.

If only Karlsson could start generating some offense from the blueline, then our forwards would finally have some room to move the puck cross ice.  As it stands now, Ottawa’s anemic blueline leaves the opposition feeling no pressure to play high in the slot, instead allowing them to focus their defensive efforts almost exclusively on the forwards.

I’d expect to see Camps out and Picard back in, for just this reason.

Lastly, Mich, he has to at least start generating some offensive opportunities, if not capitalizing on them.  Since the loss of Alfie and Spez, Mich has looked little better than an average work a day 3rd liner, and that’s simply not good enough.




One Response to “Trouble Bruin?”

  1. Picard will over hang with Carks…

    Kelly’s line, with Bergeron out, both Ruutu and Neil will score on Thomas…he doesn’t like to get muscled especially now that he is a “Yankee” Olympian!

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