SYSTEM CHECK…All Systems Go!

Games like the one against the Flyers happen.

You never like to see a big lead early, especially at home, because more often than not the away team begins to play loose, and when the comeback begins, the home team begins to get tight.

But, this game was different.  The Flyers sure played loose, and made a nice comeback, but the Sens kept to the game plan.  And that’s the real story to this game.  After allowing the Flyers back into the game, the Sens stuck to the system, and the system worked.  It will be every player knowing, and executing their role that will see this team through this injury problem, and if they should make the post season, it will be the system that get’s them any measure of success.

The chemistry between Shannon and Kovy is undeniable, these two have formed a tight bond both on and off the ice, and are playing some truly inspired hockey.  With Alfie out, and Shannon providing some inspiration, Kovy looks energized and eager to play again.  Maybe it has just taken some more time than was hoped for him to grow comfortable in Ottawa, he is a different guy, and everyone knows his heart was in Montreal.  I’m not going to hate on the guy for being emotional…and just happy to see him getting emotional about being a Sen!

Tomorrow is another big challenge in MISSION: 0.614.  Boston has had our number thus far, but if Ottawa is going to fulfill the mission, they will have to beat some teams ahead of them in the standings.  Beating Boston would be doubly nice as it would take two points from a divisional rival, and the team just above them in the standings.

MISSION: 0.614

2/27 pts        1.00 P%


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