Mission: 0.614

Another win over a conference rival. Nice.

The truth is, the Sens have got to begin stringing together some wins.  It hasn’t been since a 4 game winning streak in mid November that this team has won more than 2 in a row.

Luckily, until now, those below them in the standings have struggled with consistency, but this is changing, and if Ottawa doesn’t start accumulating points on a regular basis, the currently comfortable 6th place standing could evaporate in a flash.

Since that winning streak, Ottawa has gone less than .500 in P%.  This must change.  Doing so without Spezza and Alfredsson may be tough, but it must be done nonetheless if this team wants to see post season play.

So I suggest…Mission: 0.614.

Here is your Mission Ottawa, should you choose to accept it;

From now until the Olympic break you must amass 27 pts, for a P% of 0.614.

How you do this doesn’t matter.  Just earn 27 pts.

No doubt the continued good play of Shannon, Fisher, and Kovy will be critical to making this Mission a success.

As it stands this team has been playing some good hockey of late, and if they keep it up I have no doubt 0.614 is a reasonable goal.

Come on Sens, string together some wins and put making the play-off into your hands, not the oppositions.



3 Responses to “Mission: 0.614”

  1. I was very moved by your post to our blog. I am sorry that you have had to experience the pain of the suffering and loss of loved ones and frineds, but I am glad that Mark’s blog was informational and hopefully, comforting in its own way. Thanks you so much again. Rebecca

  2. According to this site:


    a .600 record guarantees them the playoffs. .614 and we’re definitely good to go!

  3. […] } Earlier in the year I challenged the Sens to head into the Olympic break in control of their post season destiny.  At that point the Sens […]

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