The TC Defenders

Boyle, Doughty, Keith, Niedermayer, Pronger, Seabrook, Weber.

This was a tough call for Yzerman.  Do you go offense?  Do you go defense?  Do you go hybrids.  Do you go with a mix?

Are physical Dmen going to result in penalties?  Will soft “rovers” get you burned?

Honestly, I would have gone with a preference for positionally sound and physically strong defenders, more in the mold of Phillips.  I’d want my Dmen to play defense against such high powered offense, and leave the scoring to the forwards.

I’m not sure about this mix…where’s Boumeester?  I think Pronger and Nieds are past their best before dates.


One Response to “The TC Defenders”

  1. Bryan Murray wanted more D-men in the defensive mould too…figured the offense would take care of itself…look how great that worked out.

    I think the D-corps is perfect. It’s exactly what it should be. Each and every one of them can be counted on to do the right thing in every zone and they all have elite puck-moving ability.

    The forward ranks had a question mark, but other than that, I love what they’ve done.

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