Fisher…Yea or Nea?

There’s no debating whether Fisher deserves consideration for team Canada.  He does.

But what is entirely open to debate is whether his inclusion will indeed come to be.

In the past, Team Canada has foregone key players in an effort to fill strategic roles, namely the exclusion of Messier for Zamuner.  It was believed tha Rob would bring a physical edge to the team, and some solid 2 way play, while skating on the 4th line.  Many believe this is the role Fisher would be tasked with should he make the squad.

There are differing opinions on this strategy.  Some believe the Olympics, as a one out tournament, should be played by only the most highly skilled players, able to over-power any team in any one game.  This is not a 4 round, 16W series.  Role players don’t matter, because they don’t get the time to establish their rhythm.

Others believe that comprising a team of highly skilled individuals makes for muddled roles, and bruised ego’s.  Will a star player accept a checking role?  Oh sure, they may say so, but when you know you can score, maybe you play beyond your role and, considering the quality of the opposition, get burned by trying to do too much.  Players like Fisher, Dubinsky, and others of their style know how to play a role, and would accept this with eagerness, not contempt.

Only time will tell, but, considering Yzermans pedigree of playing with role guys who made huge impacts through-out his career, I believe role will factor into the selection process.

Will this mean Fisher makes the team?  I’m not sure, as with all things hockey, Canada has no shortage of depth in any area.



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