Sens Wing Buffalo.

Another game vs. Buffalo, another 2 pts.  Buffalo must feel like Ottawa does when we face the Pens.  Not only do we lose, but we always seem to walk away wounded too.  Kaleta, Roy – Donnovan, Alfredsson.

Sometimes, that’s just the way it goes.  I can’t explain it, but it’s the truth nonetheless.

Last night was a solid win, road or not, and it highlighted what this team will have to do in order to escape from these injuries without being out of the play-off picture.  Play hard.

The Sens, in the defensive end, played a very simple game, anchored by superior puck support.  Rarely was a defenseman left without either support, or an open man available for a pass.  When they were alone they chose to dump it out vs. attempt a risky play.  This kept the Sabres chasing the puck or reduced to low percentage perimeter shots.  At least while 5 on 5.

The goals scored in this game were far from pretty.  Both Buffalo goals were a result of deflections (one off of Fishers stick, one off of Volchy’s skate), and Ottawa’s first goal was a carom off of the defenceman.  The Sens final goal was a nice garbage collection from Neil while posted up in front of the net.

Garbage is good, especially when your 2 best offensive weapons are on the shelf.

Lets hope Ottawa takes the lesson to heart and remains committed to getting the puck on net.  Not every goaltender s going to post a performance like Miller did last night.  Speaking of which, he is truly on fire.  He never looks rushed, or out of position.  I swear you could swap every skater on that team, and still have the same result.  Buffalo is Miller, and Miller is Buffalo.

The Sens face another divisional rival, but unlike Buffalo, this is a real 4 point game.  A win by the Sens and they open some breathing space from at least one of the teams in the hunt for the post season, lose, and the pressure mounts, big time.



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