Time To Grab The Buffalo By The Horns!

First and foremost, seasons greetings.

I do love this time of year, not because it is what it was, those simpler days are gone, but not forgotten.  No, as time passes, as in all things, meanings and feelings change.  Christmas, or Hanukkah, or whatever meaningful festive celebration you may partake in, eventually matures and evolves into new rituals and roles.

Sometimes this time of year is more difficult than others, but nonetheless, the spirit of these times must always remain at the forefront, peace, love, and good tidings.

May your days bring you all of these, today, and in those times you most need it.  Christmas is a wonderful time of year, and day, but at its heart, comes a message that, in its richest form, can endure beyond these cold winter nights, and into the remainder of the year.

Here’s to keeping the spirit of these days in our minds and actions through-out the year, as hard as that may be…the alternative?  Even harder.

So tonight begins the un-official “second half” of the season.

The first half proved as good as could be hoped.  The Sens played some solid hockey, endured significant injury woes, and remain well in the chase for a play-off berth.

But the prospects for the second half look bleak.

Without their leader and best player, Alfredsson, their top offensive centre, Spezza, and the spark of young Foligno, the offense of this team has been gutted.

But all is not lost.  The Senators still sport a powerful, albeit shallow offensive punch in Mich, Fish and Kovy.  The Sens are going to need this line to harry the opposition, to draw the attention of the best defensive pairings, and provide some consistent game to game offense.

But then what?  Shannon?  Talk about a lump of coal in your stocking.  Thankfully, with the return of Neil and Donnovan, a binder twine second line can be cobbled together without entirely gutting the remaining two lines.

I suspect the second line will consist of veterans, namely Kelly, Neil and Ruutu.  I also suspect we’ll see a “Bingo” line of Regin, Shannon and Hennessy Keller.  But time will tell.

Can Cheech step up and start earning that big salary?  I doubt it, but I suspect this is his last chance to prove me wrong.

Is all lost?  No, but this will represent a huge challenge, and in order to win the Sens will have to take a page from the NJ Devils and limit opposition chances while taking advantage of the few chances this style of play will generate.

Facing Miller, the best goalie in the NHL, is not exactly the ideal situation, but, it is what it is, and there’s no use crying over spilt milk.

Make us proud boys.



One Response to “Time To Grab The Buffalo By The Horns!”

  1. GN,
    1st – Merry Christmas and happy holidays.
    2nd – Looks like the Sens persevered, and got some chip ins from Kovy and Neil. And then some shoot out golden touch. (uncommon though it is)


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