Out-worked, Out-played, Out-scored.

Once again the NJD show the Senators how it’s done.

Skate hard, play your position, and get the puck on the net.

All too often Ottawa failed to do at least one of the three, and that is why NJ, again, schooled the Senators.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of watching Ottawa cycle the puck only to fire it wide of the net.  Then, see the opposition score on a simple shot…on net.

Picard scored because the puck went to the net.  Not because it was a highlight reel tick, tack, toe goal, or a laser to the top shelf.  Too many Senators were guilty of either passing up shots in favour of making a poor play (almost any passing play vs. NJ is a poor play), or, in an attempt at picking the corner, fired it off the mark (28 MS), not to mention the 18 BS by NJ defenders.

If the puck isn’t on the net, it isn’t going in the net.  If the goalie doesn’t have to stop it, it will never go in.

That effort may well have earned at least a point versus a lessor team, but was woefully inadequate vs. NJ, a team that loves nothing more than chasing down loose pucks, and playing along the boards.  By repeatedly missing the net, and cycling the puck, the Sens fed Jersey their favourite meal, and they ate it up.

Sens have got to be better prepared to do what it takes to beat any team, not just do what they want in hopes of winning.

There’s a reason NJ is the best team in the league, and tonight, it showed.

With those teams below them in the standing sporting a host of loser points, the Sens have got to start coming up with consistent wins, if not ties.



2 Responses to “Out-worked, Out-played, Out-scored.”

  1. As usual you are correct…the good confident defencive teams will let you cycle the puck until your nuts fall off…Kelly’s line were the first to over cycle which is explainable as they were just happy being in the other guy’s end, however they have made the correction and now take it to the net better than any line we have…

    We, our defncemen, don’t look dangerous with the puck at all…not just Kuba but he’s the worst, “Erik” is one of those no look rookie type master blasters, who gets blocked and “here they come” the other with an odd man rush…ya gotta have the courage to take a step or make a move, find a lane…at least Alex shoots it up over everyone and in the vicinity of the net.

  2. You mean people aside from me are notcing that Picard has a knack for getting his shots THROUGH? The Sens missed him when he was out.

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