Lee, What’s Really Going On?

After reporting on the rumours around Lee being asked to leave Bingo pending a trade, it seems only right I also report that Lee has been spotted back in Ottawa.

Apparently he is working with the PT’s at SBP.

So much for that rumour…I guess?

I must say, everything surrounding Lee right now is very odd.

He was suddenly sent down to Bingo after a terse exchange with Clouston.  He get’s scratched in Bingo for the flu, then plays one game and gets sidelined day to day, then long term, and is now back in Ottawa.

Honestly, I’m not sure what to make of it all.

Personally, I’d love to see him swapped for Mueller.

Both players have failed to live up to their projected potential, both were top 10 picks, and neither are receiving any playing time on their respective clubs.

I’ll even go one step further.

Phoenix, at centre, are very deep in prospects (Turris, Tikhonov, Porter).  But in terms of blueliners, not so much, at least in the “ready to go” department.

Whereas, from a blueline perspective, Ottawa is now deep in prospect talent (Karlsson, Cowen, Wiercioch), but are woefully shallow at centre.

Add to this the fact that both players are impending RFA’s, are not waiver eligible, and make similar money, seriously, apart from holding out hope for better offers, why not just each move on?

There’s reason to believe both players will benefit from a change in scenery, and if not, honestly, do either of them really have a future on their current teams?

At least that’s my opinion.

Here’s my proposal;

Lee & Zubov for Mueller & Krysanov.

This trade isn’t likely to alter either teams near term performance, but it’s pie in the sky for either GM to hold out hope their consistently scratched “busts” are going to be traded for proven NHL’ers.

The Sens need a centreman, the ‘Yotes need a Dman.  Both of these players have proven to be NHL capable, and maybe this swap could serve both teams purposes, at no cost.

Maybe more trades would happen if more GM’s were willing to accept “fair” return, instead of hoping for a lopsided rip off.

How many players are languishing in the AHL, their present club all but having given up on them, but with no hope for a new chance because their GM is *hoping* to convert their rights into a steal?



4 Responses to “Lee, What’s Really Going On?”

  1. That’s fine and fair deal. If only Bryan Murray and Don “No Baloney” Maloney could agree on it. It would help both teams to be sure.

  2. I'm the MOP, I'm the MOP, I'm the MOP, I'm the MOP, I'm the MaaawwP Says:

    A change of address and scenery plus the realization that “I may never make it to the bigs if I don’t buck up”, may create combustion under their respective proverbial posteriors. In other words such a trade might light a fire under their arses and get them playing to their potential. From your blog to the brains of the GMs – git r done!

  3. Lee + for Mueller

    This would be sweet – but what type of defensemen does Tippet like?

  4. One who will play, lol! Just like Ottawa wants a player who will play, not sit out, or be in the AHL.
    But, generally, they’re looking for a more defensive oriented Dman, much as Lee is hoped to become.
    I suspect the Yotes are waiting to see what happens with Ward, to try to take him off of recall waivers.

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