The True Test.

Some say Spezza has been invisible this year, and the team has been winning without him.

Well, we’re about to find out the truth of this view.

Spezza, according to Clouston, has suffered a “fairly serious right knee injury”, but the team will not know more until an MRI is done later this afternoon.  It was hinted that the injury may be similar to that suffered by Chris Neil, and, in a worst case, may LTIR Spezza for up to 2 months, but more likely 3-6 weeks.

Well, this surely eliminates any hope of Spezza making Team Canada (not that there was any at this point), but in an odd twist of fate, the Olympic break will provide some relief in terms of games played should Spezza truly require the “worst case” amount of time for re-hab.

On another “silver lining”, if in fact Spezza has been fighting some nagging injuries, the break will surely provide him with the time necessary to get those issues under control as well.

Is this a good thing?  Surely not, but with a Spezza of just 5 goals and 19 points, the Sens are in 7th place, holding a strong P% lead over their nearest rival, so his loss is surely not as dire as would have been the case in years past.

Josh Hennessy has been re-called from Bingo (Pos. C — Height 6.00 — Weight 198 — Shoots L).  For those of you who recall, Josh was acquired from the SJS in the Havlat trade, and has never stuck with the big club in his time as a Senator.  The key knock on Josh is his tenacity and physicality.  He has skill, and speed, but he’s never displayed the determination to fully utilize these skills.  Can he be a top 6 guy?  Absolutely.  Will he be?  Never has yet.  But he is having a career year as a pro (.89 pts/g), so maybe it’s starting to click.

Josh, no pressure here, but it’s now or never laddy, look no further than Carks (18:19 ATOI) for what can happen if you put it all together.  You know the coach, you know the system, now produce, and as an impending RFA, the potential pay-out is life altering.

Get ‘er done boys, considering the tightness of the standings, the Sens will have to pull it together and start to post wins using their full roster depth.  Luckily, that’s what they’ve done successfully all year, but now there’s no Spezza to draw away the defenders attention, warranted or not.



7 Responses to “The True Test.”

  1. Woozle man Says:


  2. Nick Rebel Says:

    People were saying the same thing when Volchenkov was out how important he is to the team’s defence. Frankly, in hockey one guy does not make a team whether it’s Spezza or Volchenkov. This team will win some & lose some because they are a middle of the road team. They have some talented players & some that are not so talented. The key in hockey is to get guys to buy into a system (NJ Devils) & everyone row at the same time. The Devils on paper are not the most talented team but they play well together & the players have all bought into the system. They play for each other something Ottawa has yet to do this season or the past few seasons with any consistency.

    Ottawa has a few players who march to their own drum (Kovalev & Spezza), some players who can’t seem to handle the extra minutes they have been given (Kuba, Picard, Caukner, Campolli & Lee) & some at times that just aren’t playing good enough (Shannon, Campolli, Picard, Lee, Cheechoo, Kelly, Regin, Foligno, Kovalev, Spezza, Kuba, Elliott, Leclaire & at times Phillips). And that’s just too many passengers on any given night for this team to contend & hope to advance in the playoffs. They just aren’t good enough, they don’t have enough good players playing consistently. They have too many players going through the motions or playing when they feel like it & you just can’t have that in the NHL, the league is too good.

    At some point Murray needs to start cleaning house, I don’t want to see another year of Kovalev playing when he feels like it. BM has to get Spezza a winger who he can gel with & put the puck in the net. BM needs to have to get a tougher defence who can skate & contribute offensively. We need a few tougher forwards that scare other teams, we have to be harder to play against than we are at the moment, guys who will go into the corners & the front of the net & yes, will drop them. We also need consistent goal scoring from the guys who get paid to score. It’s still early in the season but it should be obvious to most that this isn’t a contending team & won’t be unless some major changes are made soon.

    • So, in a nutshell, trade virtually everyone, get bigger, faster, more skilled, and tougher.
      Seems like a hell of a wishlist, a wishlist virtually every GM has.
      Considering the team is in 7th place, after having lost their #1 goaltender, 2 of their top 4 dmen, their #1 goalscorer (Heatley), and intermitent losses of other key players (Spezza, Kovalev, Neil) it would seem to me, all in all, they’re doing quit fine.
      Could they be better? Absolutely, but to think a fix is a few trades or signings away is hard to believe, just ask the Leafs.

  3. Nick: Lenghthy post with some decent points. I found it read much better when I started each sentence with “In my opinion,”

  4. In my opinion…Jason Spezza cannot rehab the back with this knee so it’s total rest for 8 weeks…no one legged stuff…he’s an old married man now so he gets very leisurely sex once a month like the rest of us…

    Note: Jason could fall out of shape very easily but guys like him regain their shape remarkably quick. So after the Olympics and in time for the play offs he jumps on the bike and rejoins the team!

    I didn’t think I’d ever say this it’s time to spend a young Defenceman or two for a Top 6 forward!

    I predict Kelly will work his way to Alf/Milan as the interim stop gap measure!

  5. Hopefully Murray stays the course for the time-being at least. Wait and see if the guys come together in Spezza’s absence. If so, it only makes us stronger upon his return. Wasn’t his last long-term injury the year Kelly subbed in the top line and when everyone was healthy again we went to the Cup finals?

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