Desperate Times…

Call for desperate measures.

Are the Sens desperate?

I’m not sure, but, by the time they find out they are, if they are, it may be too late.

So what to do?

The options are simple;

1. Nothing.  The team is not exactly a SC lock, and a built in excuse may just suit the GM, should they miss the post season.  Who knows, maybe the youngin’s will step up and the Sens discover assets they didn’t know they had.

2. Make a trade.  Everyone knows Murray wants a top 6 forward and now he REALLY wants another top 6 forward.  But if he couldn’t find the right deal before Spezza went down, I highly doubt opposing GM’s are sweetening the deals now.  Is it worth it to make a lopsided trade for a stop gap solution?

Option 1 is the most likely, if for no other reason than circumstance…trades just don’t happen anymore, but, should option 2 be aggressively pursued, what’s reportedly out there?

Whitney, Horton, Frolov, Nylander.

That ain’t much of a list.

Maybe option 1 is also option only one.



4 Responses to “Desperate Times…”

  1. Hopefully Murray stays the course and tells the boys to put on their hard hats once again to see if everyone will pitch in and elevate their games. Once the March trade deadline comes around, get some secondary scoring, or a capable top 4 Dman and make some noise in the playoffs. Optimistic maybe, but I’m a believer.

  2. My understanding, from comments posted all over the place, is that if BM is any darn good, he will male a trade happen, any time, anywhere, getting somebody very good for very little and not blowing the cap, because that is what competent GMs do. I often wonder why it is that these people don’t have that job; old boys club I suppose?

    I’m in agreement with GN and “D”Fence myself but nobody is mistaking me for a GM either.

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    The most important thing is to stay the course. Our defense next year will probably look like this:


    Our biggest need right now would be a top 4 defenseman. and unless Kovalev, Cheechoo or Kelly is moved, we don’t have enough cap space next season to acquire one whose contract goes past next year.

    Also, I don’t want to move any young players, prospects or draft picks. If we could trade Kelly, Picard and Campoli for a Hamhuis or a Johnsson, I’d be happy. But iIdoubt that will be enough.

    So the most important thing is to hold on to our assets and let our youth develop, and continue building through the draft (with a big emphasis on scoring forwards in 2010).

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