A Hot Mess & Cold Comfort

In a game that saw the Senators dominate their opposition, once again, it came down to goaltending.  The Leafs got it, the Sens didn’t.

Not to be too hard on the youngster Elliott but, when is Pascal back again?  None too soon if last nights bush league performance is any indication of what the near future holds with Elliott between the pipes.

Both the Blake and Kessel goals were awful.  How, off of a weak back hand, a player can score from 3 feet off the boards, and 6 feet above the icing line, is beyond me.  On Kessels nice roof shot (full credit for picking what was given to him), being on his off wing, and coming in from the side, he should have seen nothing but goaltender.  Instead, Brian backed so far into his crease that Kessel had his pick of open holes, and like a legit sniper, he filled one.

Els was awful, and make no mistake, he cost his team 2 pts.  There’s no use in sugar coating it, because it won’t make him better to ignore his weaknesses.  He’s obviously fighting his confidence, ok, I get that, now shove it, and start playing like you can, or quit. This team doesn’t need another fragile goaltender.  What’s better, going out with a whimper, or going out with a bang?  If you’re going to lose, you might as well at least go down swinging, so SWING DAMMIT, AND QUIT BACKING UP!

Sure, some will say he made some great saves…but if he doesn’t make the easy ones too, honestly, who cares?  That’s like considering a drunk driver a good citizen for sticking around after he ran over someone.  Too little, too late.

This is not to say the team was perfect, Kuba was a disaster all over the ice.  Lazy plays, consistent misreads, coughing up the puck to avoid being hit, and outlet passes destined to be turn-overs.  He needs to either pick it up, or be traded.  You cannot have that from a supposed “top 4” Dman, and not have it drag everyone else down, particularly if you only have 3 top 4’s to begin with!

Not that it likely mattered in the end, but when did boarding become legal?  Or maybe the hit, unlike the hand pass disallowed goal, was simply missed by all four officials who were intently focused AWAY from the play.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.

Another goal by Spezza is a good sign, and Fish’s continued offensive prowess is impressive, but in the end it comes as cold comfort.

Oh, and speaking of cold comfort, Carks one punch TKO of Orr left the later receiving “cold comfort” all night, with the side of his skull having been bashed in.



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