The Unstoppable Force Vs. The Unmoveable Object.

Tonight we witness another epic battle in the Ontario Grudge Match.  Leaf fans will turn it into some sort of coming out party should they win, the Sens fans will crow supremacy after a season record of 3-0 should they prevail the victors, but at the end of the day, it’s the fans of both teams who win, no matter the outcome.


Because, the game matters again.

Oh sure, it’s not like it was, two heavyweights slogging away at each other, but unlike since the lock-out, at least the outcome of the game has some consequence.

For Toronto, a win will move them into striking distance of a play-off spot, and give their fans, if nothing else, something to aspire to in an other wise lackluster campaign.

For the Sens, it will potentially provide some much needed breathing space ahead of those teams directly beneath them in the chase for a secure play-off position.

In order for Ottawa to win they will have to play a rock solid road game.  Avoid getting too amped up, and drawn into a game of river hockey.  The fact is, the Leafs have a woeful defensive record, and if they can be put on their heels early, and made lulled to sleep, the Sens have a legitimate chance at stopping the surging Leafs.

But, should they do like the Caps, and take the W for granted, engage in a game of wide open hockey, well, then it’ll come down to goaltending, and neither team at this point is quit sure where they stand in that particular department.

Look for a composed game from the Sens made up of a solid forecheck and a defensively simple system of dump and chase, and chip outs off the glass.



4 Responses to “The Unstoppable Force Vs. The Unmoveable Object.”

  1. GN:

    A man of your precision…”Dump and chase” is an offencive system. But we get the idea…”hit…move the puck…no option off the glass and out!”

    Aaron Ward would mean the end of Carks…and we don’t want that…play #39 exclusively with the speed, energy and postion of Picard and all will be fine…as usual the ask of Matt was just a little too big…and then to duke it up on top of everything!

    It will be nice to disappoint the Leaf fans again!

  2. Nik.
    Agreed, I’m not sure why the Sens would wan’t Ward, outside of depth, and even at half price, that’s a hefty price tag for a depth Dman waived by the ‘Canes..

  3. Woozle man Says:

    No to Ward! We can’t afford this lateral personnel move on D.

    Relentless pressure in the offensive zone will see the Senators win the game. I’m not convinced that Toronto has an effective defender in the lineup beyond Ian White (who is mysteriously good). If the Senators can match up with the Kessel line well enough on defense, and not take more penalties than the Leafs do, then the Sens have every chance to win this game.

  4. Woozle man Says:

    also, the phrase “Dman waived by the Canes” should be warning enough to everyone not to take a flier on Ward.

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