Trade Rumours

Although I haven’t blogged on this lately, the rumour mill has been actively churning out chatter about potential trades involving the Senators.

The name most often mentioned, not surprisingly, has been Lee.  Brian has found himself placed on IR, which has raised some eyebrows as there was no indication of any major injury prior to his having been demoted to Bingo.  Some have suggested he has been asked to leave the team pending a trade.

The teams most frequently mentioned are CHI and CLB.  The return has been rumoured to be Barker and Filatov.  I was told a deal is in place with CHI, but the trigger has not been pulled, for whatever reason.

Another name making its way into the talk has been Kovalev.  He’s been mentioned in reference with a couple of west coast teams (ANA,LAK).  Presumably for Selanne and Frolov respectively.

Last but not least is Foligno, yes, Foligno.  Talk has had him associated with the Panthers.  The name coming back?  Horton.

I’m not suggesting any of this is legit, I’m just passing along what has been making the rounds.

On another note, Spezza has sold his downtown home…wanting to move closer to SBP, or further?



3 Responses to “Trade Rumours”

  1. Are you really sure it was downtown for Spezza since he bought that massive $5 million home on Island Park Drive in November ’08? To my recollection it was Heatley that was downtown in a condo and his pad has been sold as of several months ago.

  2. Yes, his Mayfair Ave. home has been sold. I consider that “downtown”, as compared to where most Sens live vis a vis SBP.

  3. GelatinousMutantCoconut Says:

    I can’t see anyone taking Kovalev off of our hands…and even if they did, I can’t imagine the return would be all that good.

    I wouldn’t trade Foligno for Horton. Horton may have more offensive upside but his work ethic is lacking. At least Foligno always tries his best.

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