Last Place Lucky?

As is so often the case, playing a team in last place can turn into a nightmare.

The Sens will have to be extra sharp tonight considering they’re facing a weak opponent in the Carolina Hurricanes.  Weak, but not push-overs, as WSH found out last night.

With the returns of Cam Ward, and Staal, Carolina is a much more difficult out, and Ottawa will have to respect the fact that the ‘Canes will be riding a wave of renewed hope, not to mention the fact that Carolina has had Ottawa’s number in the past.

Expect to see Spezza and Kovy reunited on the “faint hope” line, while Fish, Alfie and Mich look to turn potential into reality.

In order to win Ottawa must continue to play tight, disciplined hockey.  Maintain the forecheck, activate the blueline, cover for your Dmen if they pinch/hold the line, and GO TO THE NET!

The Philly and MTL games were very well executed, apart from the PP.  Should the team continue this strong play, and get the PP going, the points will start to roll in.

Once again the PK will need to be solid, especially as CAR is the 2nd ranked team in PP Opp.



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