Els Yah!

With a spotty last 10 games, Elliott certainly did his best to make us all forget his past indiscretions.

Els didn’t have to be epic tonight, having faced only 22 shots, but in a close game, with his teams PP firing blanks, he certainly was the difference.

I though Elliott tracked the puck remarkable well, really battled down low, and did a much better job of not losing his net, or over playing the puck.  Simply put, he was rock solid, on a night anything but would have earned the team a loss.

Let’s hope this game is an indication that Els is settling in, and not trying to do too much in an effort to impress.  I think Ellott has recently been a victim of his own high expectations and drive for success.

Speaking of which, Spezza.  Man o man Spez, you look like a lost puppy out there.  Is it an injury, or just abject frustration?  If it’s frustration, well, it’ll pass.  That being said, he did dominate in the face off circle (73%), and that matters, especially in tight games on the road.

On a brighter note, I thought Foligno had one of his best efforts of the season, and not just because he broke the ice.  Nick was hard on the puck all night (6 sog) and consistently drove the net before finally being rewarded for his efforts.

Lastly, nice sell by Richards on the Carkner “boarding”call.  My grandmother could have handled that hit.



2 Responses to “Els Yah!”

  1. I gotta agree with everything you put in that post, GN! Foligno finally driving the net like he’s been asked…and he got one on his own rebound! He’s not much of a finisher, but neither is Chris Neil and DAMN DO THE SENS EVER MISS HIM!!
    Good to see Elliott Moose play a steady game and get a goose egg, even against a team that’s a shell of itself.

  2. I'm the MOP, I'm the MOP, I'm the MOP, I'm the MOP, I'm the MaaawwP Says:

    That was a nailbiter. Both teams were flying in the 2nd and 3rd, and not giving up much in the way of good chances. Almost like a playoff game. Both desperate to win – Sens for the road victory and Flyers mired in this slump and trying to bust out.

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