4 Pt Games.

Seems early to start pointing out 4 pt. games, but the reality is, with a 7th place seating, games against conference rivals below them in the standings matter, big time.

The last time these 2 teams met, the Sens were made to look like fools.  Another performance like that and it’s going to be taken as a sign of the looming apocalypse.

Tonight Ottawa needs to get back to activating their D, and utilising the blueliners as pivots to open up some ice down low.  The Sens may not have a big shot on the blueline, but they do have the ability to move the puck around, forcing the defenders to pinch up to cover the blueline.

As it stands, the blueline is being under utilised.  But they’re not doing much to get more possession time with repeatedly succumbing to blocked shots.  Either move the puck, or get yourself to the centre of the ice for a shot.  More patience is needed, get the puck, give and go to the centre of the ice, then fire your shot or pass, quit picking it up off the wall, then just firing it blindly toward the net.

A loss tonight won’t be a disaster, but it will be the continuation of a very bad trend.  A win might just halt the slide.



2 Responses to “4 Pt Games.”

  1. It all happens in the center in the slot and inside the offencive blue line!!

  2. Absolutey Nik.
    Roll off the boards, look off the pass, drfit to centre, give it, then take it back for the one timer.
    Stop these shots off the boards, the wingers can block that 9 times out of ten. Either do the above, or chip it back in, but almost anything else results in a give-away…or worse, a break-away!
    Until this happens, the down low plays are nothing but sticks and bodies, no winger is going past the hash marks, because they don’t have to, our D is just giving it to them, or chipping it back into the corner.

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